Friday, December 8, 2023

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Twister Fun Park: Why Playrooms are the Best Anchors for Malls

Twister Fun Park demonstrates how playrooms in shopping centers increase foot traffic, dwell time, and sales revenue. Amidst the evolving landscape of shopping centers, Twister...

CC Real Prepares for Croatia’s Sunday Closing Law

CC Real, a leading shopping center management company, responds to the new ‘no work on Sundays’ law in Croatia which will take effect this July.

Joker Mall Opens the Most Modern Hypermarket in Croatia

Joker Mall in Split is now home to one of the most modern hypermarkets in Croatia, thanks to the extensive store renovations completed by Tommy hypermarket.

Mall of Split Promotes Green Shopping with New bio&bio Store

Mall of Split is staying ahead of the game by adding a new bio&bio store to its tenant mix, which meets the growing demand for organic and sustainable shopping in Croatia.

KIK Textillien Expansion Plans for 2023

Ante Rimac, Director of KIK Textillien, discusses the company's adjustments to the evolving retail industry and reveals their plans for 2023. 

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