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MPC Properties Shining Bright with Christmas Lights by MK Illumination

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In an exciting step toward 2024, MPC Properties has been meticulously selecting its business partners, prioritizing the company’s sustainable goals and values.

MPC Properties has teamed up with a renowned Austrian festive light production company MK Illumination to light up its 10 commercial and retail properties across Belgrade with their eco-line holiday decorations.

This partnership shows MPC Properties’ dedication to environmentally conscious business practices, aligning with the latest ESG standards supported additionally with GRESB and GRI.

As commercial property developers and owners globally confront rising pressure from banks and the EU to produce sustainability reports, emulating MPC Properties practices is a wise choice. Initiating procurement processes, like this one, to secure sustainable suppliers and partners is now a vital strategy to address these growing demands.

Here are three ways this green partnership is helping MPC Properties reduce its carbon footprint, which is a big part of their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals:

UŠĆE Shopping Center Christmas Decorations

1. Reducing the Carbon Footprint:

The integration of MK Illumination’s LED lighting signifies MPC’s dedication to significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

The average energy consumption of LED decorative elements varies from 3.5W to 7W. LED lights, renowned for an 80% power saving compared to traditional incandescent lamps, solidify MPC’s commitment to sustainable choices for festive decorations.

2. Sustainable Use of Materials:

MK Illumination goes beyond design, emphasizing the use of renewable raw materials, recyclates, and low-carbon aluminum.

The MK Illumination Organic line comprises a minimum of 30% PEFC-certified wood fiber. In the fourth quarter of 2023, MK Illumination initiated the substitution of virgin plastic with bio-based feedstock, adopting the Mass Balance Approach.

This aligns seamlessly with MPC’s commitment to responsible material use throughout its supply chain.

3. Embracing Service Life Advantage:

Recognizing that approximately 80% of CO2 emissions occur during the production process, MPC places importance on the long service life of MK light chains, reflecting a commitment to responsible consumption.

When selecting sustainable products, crucial considerations include the production process, which inherently shapes product quality. This encompasses factors such as service life, CO2 emissions, and energy source/consumption throughout production. The utilization of sustainable materials, promotion of fair working conditions within plants and throughout the supply chain, as well as thoughtful approaches to packaging and logistics, are pivotal elements.

Additionally, a focus on well-thought-out design solutions can address issues like the avoidance of light pollution. Practical maintenance practices play a crucial role in ensuring a prolonged usage cycle and an extended product lifespan.

By integrating these aspects into the entire lifecycle, a holistic approach to both quality and sustainability is achieved, fostering products that not only meet high standards but also contribute positively to environmental and social considerations.

Beyond Decorations: A Long-Term Commitment to Sustainability

MPC Properties, a member of the Serbian Green Building Council, is a leader in sustainable real estate in Serbia and the Eastern Europe region.

The company focuses on developing modern business and retail assets while prioritizing green building principles and the well-being of communities, including its visitors, tenants, and employees. Notable achievements include green certifications LEED and BREEAM as well as WELL Health- Safety.

MPC Properties will continue to align its business practices with GRI and GRESB standards in the coming year, reflecting its commitment to non-financial performance reporting in areas such as environmental responsibility, social engagement, and corporate governance.

“During the Christmas season, more than usual, we tend to provide a special atmosphere in which people can meet, enjoy, and feel the holiday spirit. By making Christmas content interesting and appealing we aim to tickle visitors’ imagination, promote social exchange, and create new, magical experiences for all”, says Aleksandra Grbić, Centar Manager at Ušće Shopping Center.

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