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ADA Mall Introduces Loyalty Program Innovations

Ada Mall Loyalty Program now includes discounts for airline tickets, city bicycle rentals, tickets to pools, and many other services from its external partners. 

The First Shopping Mall to Install Beehives on its Roof

Ada Mall in Belgrade has become the first shopping center ever to install beehives o its green roof in order to encourage local production of organic honey.

Three Essential Customer Insights Every Shopping Mall Needs in 2022

Emplate, the leading shopping center digital marketing platform in Europe, gives us the three essential customer insights shopping centers need to succeed in 2022. 

EY Reports Consumers Worldwide are Decreasing their Spending

Consumers globally are preparing to hunker down for a long financial squeeze, as the increasing cost of living and geopolitical uncertainties push them to seek financial control amid low economic confidence, according to the latest EY Future Consumer Index.

The Values and Identity of Generation Alpha

Technology and being digitally native plays a large role in how Generation Alpha sees themselves and the world around them. In fact, 55% of 7-12 year olds use social media.

Experts Predict What is Next for the Global Luxury Industry

The Luxury Institute conducted a survey to predict which luxury goods and services will be affected the most by the recession,

Majority of Gen Z Believe What They Eat Defines Their Identity

A new research report from Cassandra reveals how young people are consuming food, how they are consuming culinary content online, and how, when, why, and what they are cooking.

Global Study on How Brands Can Make People Happy Again

People want brands to make them smile and laugh, but business leaders fear using humor in customer interactions according to a new research report from Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience and Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author, and podcaster.

Creator Insights on Live Shopping Research Report

Leading marketing agencies, MRM and Mavrck, released a new study where they surveyed a vast network of influencers to learn more about content creators' perspectives on shoppable live streaming.

Pinterest to Aquire THE YES to Become an AI Driven Shopping Platform

Pinterest announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire THE YES, an AI-powered shopping platform for fashion that enables users to shop a personalized feed based on the user's active input on brand, style, and size.

Global AI in Retail Market Report 2022

According to Global Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market Report 2022, by 2025, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $7.3 trillion, which will drive the AI in retail market value to $36,462.5 million by 2030.

The Most Popular Fashion and Footwear Brands for Gen Z!

New L.E.K. Consulting Survey shows us the most popular apparel and footwear brands for Gen Z men and women.

Second Hand Fashion is the New Big Thing in Retail!

Global luxury fashion retailers are adding "resell" buttons to their online stores to help their customers sell their past purchased items! 

Mastercard Launching Pay with Face: how will this change the way we shop?

Mastercard is launching this year globally a new technology that will let shoppers make payments with just their face or hand.

YouTube Jumps into the Livestream Shopping Space!

We have a new big player in the online retail arena, as Youtube Launches its Livestream Shopping Features.

Retail Week Presents Five Future Store Trends

Retail Week’s Stores Week 2022 event has started gathering the top worldwide retailers to speak about their retail investments, strategies, and how they see the future of stores.

Slovenia Ranks as the World’s Most Crypto-Friendly Country

According to Fast Private Jet global research study, Slovenia has the most venues where cryptocurrencies are accepted as a payment method.

Men Want to Shop and Game at the Same Time

5WPR released a new Consumer Culture Report revealing over half of the men surveyed enjoy seeing their favorite brands on gaming platforms.

The Body Expanding its Global Refill Program

The Body Shop is continuing with its refill station program in order to help the global plastic waste crises.

Emplate Mall Engagement Platform Raises New Growth Investment

After a year of great progress and increasing demand for customer experiences and digital marketing in shopping centres worldwide, Emplate has raised a second growth investment from family-owned investment company and existing investor, HEARTLAND

Twitter Tests Shops Feature to Grow E commerce

Twitter is testing out a new feature that allows users to sell products through their tweets. The "commerce feature," which is currently available to only select partners, allows users to build an online storefront within their profile.

Goodscast Launches New Video Shopping Marketplace on the App Store

Goodscast has launched a new mobile app allowing anyone to buy and sell goods using video. This means sellers can now quickly capture and show off items in hundreds of different angles in a matter of seconds, making the decision to purchase easier and safer for buyers.

Which Countries are Introducing Central Bank Digital Currencies?

Are we heading towards a cashless society as almost 100 countries are actively evaluating central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)?

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Causing Global E-commerce Disruptions

Due to Western sanctions, a wave of e-commerce companies are suspending their operations in Russia and causing global retail disruptions. 

The World’s Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in 2022

Brand Finance, the world's leading brand valuation consultancy firm, released a new report listing out the most valuable and fastest-growing brands in the world.

How to Create a Shopping Center App in 2022!

Emplate, a Scandinavian software company, is helping shopping centers go digital with customizable mobile apps that support loyalty programs and much more.

Open4Sale App Offering a Live, Interactive Video Shopping Experience

Check out the all-in-one shopping app that offers users personal interaction with in-store sales staff and allows retailers to cater to millions of online shoppers worldwide.

Get Visitors Addicted to your Mall!

Learn how successful shopping centers are using loyalty programs and gifts to increase traffic and sales. 

IBM Study Reveals Consumers’ want Sustainability and Hybrid Shopping

New study "Consumers want it all," reveals rising consumer preferences for sustainability and shopping journeys splintered across multiple digital, physical, and mobile touchpoints.

Treasure Data Survey Reveals Best Retail Strategies for 2022

New Treasure Data Survey outlines what will be the major consumer trends in 2022 and what strategies brands need to implement this year for success.

Expansion of AI Shop Assistants at Physical Stores

DeepBrain AI has developed "AI Kiosks" with human-based AI avatars that can interact with customers at shops and resturants!

Why You Need to Start Selling on TikTok in 2022!

According to Sensor Tower report, TikTok is the most downloaded and highest-grossing app in 2021! With the launch of online shopping features, the app is going to be an important tool for the retail industry in 2022.

Expansion of Sidewalk Delivery Robots

Serve Robotics, the leading autonomous sidewalk delivery company owned by Uber, received more funding this month for its further development and expansion. 

Konzum Becomes First Retailer in Croatia to offer Crypto Currency Payments

Konzum, the leading supermarket chain in Croatia, has become the first retailer in the country to offer cryptocurrency payments.

Nike & H&M Jumping into the Metaverse

Are you ready for the Metaverse? Big brands like Nike and H&M are already investing in developing virtual worlds with fashion and shoe collections for your avatars. 

New Research Study on Digital Gifting Retail Trends

A new Coresight Research study reveals digital gift shopping challenges and untapped opportunities for retailers and brands.

EY Issues New Study on Understanding Generation Z Consumers

Ernst & Young released a new research study on understanding Generation Z, which can help all businesses adapt to the new wave of workers and consumers. 

Major Comeback for the Luxury Goods Industry in 2021

According to a study by global consultancy firm Bain & Company, the personal luxury goods industry is experiencing a major recovery in 2021. 

Shopping Centers should Start Livestreaming Now!

Shopping Centers are Livestreaming in order to keep sales going in their stores during the pandemic. Here are the reasons why all shopping centers should jump into this new trend.  

Drone Delivery Services Expanding in the US

Online shopping for products and food is on the rise but slow delivery is still an issue. This is being solved in several cities in the US by drone delivery companies that are speeding up the service and reducing carbon footprint.

Google Expanding its Shopping Features

Imagine you are watching a video online of someone wearing a nice dress and you wonder where you can buy that dress. Well, wonder no more because that is the future of shopping thanks to Google.

Christmas Shopping Starting Early in 2021

The global supply chain crises and shipping delays are driving retailers and customers to start off the Christmas shopping season earlier this year. Covid Pass restrictions will also increase the demand for online shopping and speedy delivery services this winter. 

Fitting Rooms Becoming the Most Important Retail Spaces

With the rise of online shopping, physical stores need to be reinvented to place the fitting rooms at the heart of their spaces rather than in the back corners. The fitting room is the most important store space in the new retail age.  

How the Pandemic Changed Fashion Trends

The pandemic has majorly impacted our lives on a global scale and as a result the way we dress. New research data shows us which fashion product categories are thriving at this time and which are not.

Shopping Center Opens a Space for “TikTokers” to Create Videos

Mill Gate Shopping Center in the UK opened an innovative space for 'TikTokers' to record and share videos from the mall. 

Check Out Free Stores are Becoming a Major Trend

The need for checkouts in supermarkets will be a thing of the past as major retail players like Amazon, Tesco, Alibaba, are investing in new AI (artificial intelligence) technologies for checkout-free stores.

Facebook Introducing Shopping to WhatsApp

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week the launch of four new shopping features to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Pinterest Expands its E-Commerce Features

Social media E-Commerce is on the rise, and Pinterest is no exception in adding new features to assist retailers to advertise and sell their products.

Retailers Say Goodbye to Printed Receipts

A new trend is emerging in the retail market, as retailers decide to stop printing receipts in order to reduce paper waste. It is all going digital!

TikTok to Become a Major Player in Retail

TikTok social media app, owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, is testing a new service that allows retailers to sell goods directly to users.

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