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Interview: Expansion of Shop Park Retail Parks Across Serbia

As Shop Park retail parks rapidly expand across Serbia, we spoke with their CEO, Dražena Čeh, to learn about their latest developments.

Why PR is Not an Option – But a Priority for Business Success?

Aleksandra Kožul, Director of Corporate Communications at Novaston, shares her insights into why PR should not be treated as an optional expense but as a must-have for business success.

5 Ways Gift Cards Increase Visitors & Sales in Shopping Centers

Miranda Hrustemović, Marketing Expert from Giftify, shares five innovative gift card solutions to increase foot traffic and sales within shopping centers.

Fashion Group Albania: Strategic Expansion Plans for 2024

Redon Sholla, CEO of Fashion Group Albania, gives us an overview of the Albanian fashion market while announcing an exciting regional expansion.

Novaston’s Regional Expansion and New Ventures in 2024

Mia Zečević, CEO of Novaston, provides an overview of the real estate market in Serbia while announcing an exciting regional expansion.

City Center one Split: A 20 Million Renovation Project

CC Real, an international investment and asset management company, is extensively renovating City Center one Split.

3 Tips for Small Format Stores: Enhancing the Customer Experience

To unlock the potential of small format stores, store designer James Owens shares three essential tips for retailers to create an exceptional customer experience.

Ava Shopping Park: One Year of Success and Celebration

Ava Shopping Park is proudly celebrating its one-year anniversary this weekend and to gain insights into the retail park's business success, we had the opportunity to speak with Novaston, its management partner.

MPC Properties: Importance of Biodiversity in Urban Environments

Sanja Rubesa, Operations Project Manager, and Duska Novakovic, Associate in Technical Operations at MPC Properties, shed light on the significance of biodiversity in urban environments.

CC Real Prepares for Croatia’s Sunday Closing Law

CC Real, a leading shopping center management company, responds to the new ‘no work on Sundays’ law in Croatia which will take effect this July.

MPC Properties: Recreating Shopping Centers into Community Spaces

MPC Properties discusses the importance of transforming shopping centers into community spaces where people can learn, socialize, and feel a sense of belonging.

KIK Textillien Expansion Plans for 2023

Ante Rimac, Director of KIK Textillien, discusses the company's adjustments to the evolving retail industry and reveals their plans for 2023. 

Commercial Real Estate in Serbia: 2023 Insights by Novaston

Our exclusive interview with Mia Zečević from Novaston reveals everything you need to know about the current state of the commercial real estate market in Serbia.

Fashion House Outlets in Romania Recording Amazing Results

Fashion House Group, the only professional outlet center developer and operator in Romania, closed 2022 with great results. We spoke with their Retail Operations Director, Cornelia Nicolae, to see how their outlets are achieving success in a retail market that is rapidly changing.

Top 3 Tips on Managing Shopping Centers as Brands

Marketing Expert Maja Stefanović from CC Real reveals how to market shopping centers as brands in order to create „place-to-be“destinations.

CC Real: Energy Efficiency in Shopping Centers!

CC Real, a leading commercial real estate investment and management company, shares three tips on how shopping centers can become more energy efficient and sustainable.

Did the Pandemic Improve the Retail Industry?!

Alex Linchev, Shopping Center General Manager of Ada Mall, gives us great insights into how the pandemic has pushed the retail industry to improve from manufacturing to the overall shopping experience.

Unbeatable Marketing Strategies by Stadion Shopping Center

Aleksandra Mićović, PR Manager of Stadion Shopping Center in Belgrade, shares with us their marketing strategies that tackle the pandemic challenges.

Roberto Baressi Sees a Bright Future in Ecommerce

Interview with Dragana Milanović, Co-founder of Roberto Baressi, a Serbian fashion brand with international ambitions. 

How is Under Armour Fighting the Pandemic?

Interview with Dragana Krstic, General Manager at Kvantum Sport, the official distributor for Under Armour in Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia.

Fashion House Group’s Insights into the Outlet Market

Cornelia Nicolae, Retail Operations Director of FASHION HOUSE Group in Romania, gives us insights into how the outlet retail market has been affected by the pandemic. 

MallMark Building Experience Centers for the Future

MallMark is one of the largest Turkish commercial and retail real estate companies. We spoke with Aytaç Özçiçek, CEO of MallMark, to share his experience on how the pandemic is transforming shopping centers.

CEO of NEPTUN Modernising Home Electronics Retail in the SEE

Goran Cvetinov, CEO of Neptun in Macedonia, one of the leading home electronics retailers in southeast Europe, gives us the scoop on how they are adapting and improving their retail chain during the pandemic.

C&A Sees a Bright Future for Sustainable Fashion

We spoke with Norbert W. Scheele, C&A Director for Austria, CEE, and SEE region, about how the famous fashion brand is tackling the changing retail market and evolving consumer trends.

Interview with Rok Črepinšek from The Athletes Foot

Rok Črepinšek, Regional Manager of The Athletes Foot, gives us insights into how the popular streetwear brand is progressing in southeast Europe.

Interview with Marin Šimić on how CC Real is staying Strong in Croatia

Exclusive interview with Marin Šimić, Center Manager at City Center one East Zagreb, about how one of the leading real estate investment and management companies in Croatia CC Real is staying strong.

Exclusive Interview with Pertini Toys Executive Director

Exclusive interview with Tamara Djogo, Executive Director of Pertini Toys, about their expansion activities and how the kids retail market is changing. 

Interview with Decathlon CEO for Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia

Exclusive interview with Michel Kappler, CEO at Decathlon for Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia, about their expansion activities and experiences during the pandemic.

Pandora Creating an Omni-Channel Retail Experience

Thomas Knudsen, Managing Director at Pandora for Eastern Europe & Emerging Markets, gives us his insights on how the famous jewelry brand is implementing Omni-channel solutions to create a seamless online and offline retail experience.

How is MPC Properties Winning During the Pandemic?!

Jovana Cvetkovic, Director for retail and office development, innovation, and technical operations at MPC Properties spoke at this week's REBEC real estate conference in Serbia about their real estate developments during the pandemic, the challenges they faced, and their future plans.

Interview with Alex Linchev, Retail Asset Director at GTC

Alex Linchev, Retail Asset Director at GTC and General Manager of Ada Mall in Belgrade, gives us an overview of how shopping centers are transforming in the new retail age and how their business is progressing.

How to Make Shopping Centers Desirable Places in 2021?

Maxence Liagre, CEO of MPC Properties, shares with us his insights on how to get visitors back to shopping centers in 2021!  

“Next Normal” in Our Retail Landscape

In this article, Ivana Maksimovic, Head of Property Management Services at CBRE South-Eastern Europe, answers important questions about the future of retail in the region.

How are Retailers Wasting Away their Money?

Retailers are losing thousands of euros every year due to poor management of salespeople. This article will discuss ways you can improve your retail business by investing more time and effort into your sales team.

“It starts with you”: Free masks from Plaza for the people of Kragujevac

Shopping center Kragujevac Plaza distributed branded reusable cotton masks in Serbia, thus showing once again the concern for the health and safety of its tenants, visitors, and fellow citizens.

How Covid 19 Changed the Way we do Business?

CBS International conducted a survey on “Traditional Office vs. Working from Home in Changed Business Circumstances.” The study done among 250 companies shows that it won't be business as usual.

Triple Jump – A Retailer’s Success Story

Retail SEE Group speaks to Triple Jump Group, franchise partner of The Body Shop for Serbia, about the company’s recent successes and future plans. 

Interview with Stadion Shopping Center

Retail SEE Group spoke with Aleksandar Bojić, Portfolio and Marketing Director at Stadion Shopping Center, about their last year’s successes and plans for 2020.

Customer Loyalty in a Digital World

Retail SEE Group spoke with Aleksandra Kožul, Communications Director at Novaston Marketing Consultancy, about the most effective tools and strategies for customer loyalty and retention. 


Retail SEE Group spoke to Manja Babović, Brand Development Director at Fashion Company, about their most recent projects and development plans for the SEE region.

Exclusive Interview with Balfin Group

Retail SEE Group spoke with Julian Mane, Vice President of Retail at Balfin Group, to find out more about their retail activities and expansion plans for South East Europe. Read to learn about their current and planned shopping center developments and retailer expansion.

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