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Fashion Group Albania: Strategic Expansion Plans for 2024

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Redon Sholla, CEO of Fashion Group Albania, gives us an overview of the Albanian fashion market while announcing an exciting regional expansion.

Firstly, please let our readers know why your company is considered a leader in the Albanian fashion market.

In 2005, the inception of Fashion Group Albania – part of Balfin Group, marked a significant milestone in our journey within the dynamic landscape of the Albanian retail market.

Our primary goal was to revolutionize the market by introducing the innovative concept of
Franchisee contract management. Recognizing the value of strategic partnerships, we managed to bring to the market high-quality international brands.

Currently, we manage a diversified portfolio of 10 internationally recognized brands, including Mango, Geox, Parfois, Prenatal, Okaidi, Carpisa, Cortefiel, Springfield, Women’Secret, and Aldo.

We operate a network of over 20 physical stores strategically located in the country’s main shopping malls, including Tirana East Gate (TEG) and Qendra Tregtare Univers (QTU). In addition to our stores, we operate a popular online marketplace,, which offers an inventory of over 250,000 products to all consumers across Albania.

Additionally, FGA is an integral part of the popular HAPPY Card program, which rewards our loyal customers throughout the year.  Committed to social responsibility, we are also actively collaborating with organizations to support families in need, showcasing a strong dedication to community welfare and engagement.

All of this makes us the first choice for international brands seeking a reliable franchise
partner in Albania.

Have consumer preferences and spending habits changed in Albania in the fashion sector, and how are you adapting?

Parfois store operated by Fashion Group Albania

There has been an evident transformation in consumer behavior, largely influenced by evolving trends, changing lifestyles, and the increased accessibility to global fashion through online channels.

One significant change we have observed is the growing demand for a more diverse range of products and brands. Albanian consumers now seek variety, uniqueness, and quality in their fashion choices. Moreover, there is a heightened emphasis on sustainability and ethical considerations, with customers showing a preference for brands that align with these values.

At FGA, we are adapting to these changing preferences and habits by implementing several strategies like diversifying our brand portfolio and increasing our online presence.

What is the future of fashion retail in your opinion?

Prenatal Store operated by Fashion Group Albania

The future of fashion retail is undoubtedly dynamic and evolving, driven by shifts in consumer behavior, technology, and industry trends.

At FGA, we are actively responding to these changes in three key areas.

1. E-commerce Evolution;
2. Innovative Retail Concepts;
3. Omni Channel Integration.

Recognizing the growing impact of online shopping we are dedicated to delivering an excellent and engaging digital experience to our customers. We are making sure they can effortlessly transition between our physical stores and online platform, providing a unified and convenient Omnichannel experience.

In essence, staying ahead means embracing new retail ideas, and we are committed to exploring innovative concepts to capture our customers and provide a unique shopping experience.

What business strategies have you used in 2023 to ensure revenue growth?

Women’Secret operated by Fashion Group Albania

In 2023, our company experienced a significant increase in revenue, marking a positive year with a double-digit increase.

This growth can be attributed to the implementation of an enhanced marketing strategy and a dedicated focus on people development within our organization.

We revamped our marketing with innovative techniques and targeted campaigns, effectively reaching our audience. This increased brand visibility, customer engagement, and overall revenue across multiple product lines.

We also prioritized developing our people, by implementing a comprehensive training program, that includes workshops, online courses, and mentorship programs. We also incorporated on-the-job training and cross-functional learning opportunities which led to increased productivity and outstanding service delivery.

All of this considerably improved our overall performance.

What are your expansion and business plans for 2024?

Mango store operated by Fashion Group Albania

In 2024, our key focus will be on expansion, with our business plans strategically aligned for sustained growth and continuous innovation.

We aim to strengthen our position as a leader in the fashion market by strategically expanding our brand portfolio and enhancing our services.

Our primary focus remains on expanding our presence to more cities across Albania and in the Western Balkan region. We plan to expand our physical store locations in key areas to better serve our growing customer base.

Additionally, we will also enhance our online platform by investing in technological advancements and user experience improvements. This way we can ensure that our customers will always have a great and convenient buying experience.

In essence, our vision for 2024 revolves around strategic expansion, technological
innovation, and continued dedication to meeting the evolving needs and expectations of our valued customers, thereby reinforcing FGA’s position as a leading name
in the Albanian retail landscape.

With a robust foundation and an eye on the future, Fashion Group Albania is poised for yet another year of growth, success, and setting new standards in the world of fashion retail.

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