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QTU Shopping Center Achieves Remarkable Marketing Success

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QTU Shopping Center, a favorite family destination in Albania, set new standards in marketing innovation and customer engagement in 2023.

With the rise of online shopping, consumer behavior and interests have drastically changed worldwide.

To adapt to these changes, shopping centers have been evolving into so-called “community centers,” offering much more than just shopping. We see a trend of more investments being made in offline and online entertainment, while cross-promotional partnerships between tenants and shopping center marketing managers are becoming paramount for attracting visitors.

One shopping center that perfectly demonstrates this new trend is QTU in Tirana, Albania. With innovative marketing strategies, events, and brand partnerships, the mall witnessed a surge in foot traffic, reaching over 7.1 million visitors in 2023. Considering that Albania has a population of 2.76 million and Tirana has 13 shopping centers, these results truly show the QTU’s power to stay ahead of its competition.

Here is a rundown of their most successful campaigns in 2023, which yielded remarkable results in attracting visitors and increasing revenue.

January Campaign: Combining Discounts with Memorable Experiences

QTU January Campaign
QTU January Campaign

Their January campaign kickstarted the year with a commendable 4% increase in monthly foot traffic, laying a solid foundation for the coming months.

Seasonal discount campaigns are common in many shopping centers, but at QTU, this initiative has transcended conventional sales. A big part of this campaign focused on delivering entertainment and memorable family experiences. Additionally, the communication strategy leaned heavily on storytelling, focusing on addressing a deeply sensitive topic for Albanians: migration.

Throughout the campaign, TV was selected as the primary communication channel, which is still highly effective in Albania and known for its significant return on investment.

Kids Flea Market: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Fun

QTU Flea Market Event
QTU Flea Market Event

Another standout event was the Kids Flea Market, held throughout June.

This unique campaign, dedicated to children, aimed to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship in young minds. Children were encouraged to sell their old toys and buy new ones, and 580 kids participated. This resulted in a vibrant event that attracted 555,800 visitors and saw an 11.3% increase in foot traffic on weekends compared to the previous year.

Jumbo branded the event, and its success translated into a significant increase in revenue for the tenant, underscoring the power of cross-promotion partnerships.

Shopping Festival: Where Entertainment Turns into Tradition

QTU Shopping Festival
QTU Shopping Festival

QTU’s annual Shopping Festival in October is a one-of-a-kind idea, making it a unique attraction in the market.

Running for three years, it has become a traditional event incorporating many entertainment events, special attractions, and big discounts. This year, the Shopping Festival offered different performances, such as an international Circus, a QTU birthday cake party, musical performances, games, and rewards.

Last year’s festival saw a 5.7% increase in foot traffic thanks to innovative entertainment offerings and strategic partnerships with tenants like SPAR. They arranged a special gift machine that became one of the main attractions, as it appeared for the first time in Albania. The gift machine provides a reward system with added entertainment value, letting buyers participate in a game if they make a purchase beforehand.

The Shopping Festival continues to evolve and promises new and exciting experiences for visitors for the years to come.

B’luck Days: Rethinking Black Friday

QTU B'luck Friday
QTU B’luck Friday

QTU Shopping Center shook things up in 2023 by transforming Black Friday into a day of luck, or as they called it, “B’luck Day.”

This fresh idea spread like wildfire on social media and drew big crowds. The campaign’s success was all thanks to smart marketing. They used cool 3D ads and threw a special event for VIPs and celebrities before opening, making everyone eager to come.

As a result, foot traffic increased by 10% compared to last year. Partnering with all of its fashion tenants, such as Mango, Stradivarius, Bershka, US Polo, Aldo Shoes, and others, boosted the campaign significantly. They targeted people of all ages primarily through influencers’ content marketing and online advertisements.

‘B’luck Days’ was such a hit that it differentiated the center from the other players. It is now here to stay at QTU, promising more fun and surprises in the coming years.

Synergy Campaigns: Driving Collective Prosperity

QTU Gaming Synargy Campaign with Neptun
QTU Gaming Synargy Campaign with Neptun

Central to QTU’s success was its collaborative synergy campaigns with tenants, which demonstrated the power of cross-promotion partnerships in driving collective prosperity.

With over ten seamlessly orchestrated synergy campaigns, QTU showcased the transformative potential of cooperation within the retail ecosystem for the first time in Albania.

For example, QTU partnered with SPAR, JUMBO, and Neptun to organize large-scale events to enhance the customer experience and engagement. These events included a food festival showcasing traditional Albanian cuisine, fun kids’ entertainment programs sponsored by Jumbo, and a unique popular game tournament that appealed to Generation Z.

Joana Korimi QTU Albania

Joana Korimi, Marketing Director of QTU, says:

“Last year highlighted our commitment to innovation and customer engagement. Through innovative storytelling and activities integrated in digital promotions, we have created a timeless shopping experience. As the country’s first shopping center, with nearly two decades of history, we prioritize innovation while staying true to our family-focused identity. Albanian consumers seek more from their shopping, and by creating engaging experiences, we have maintained lasting connections and increased foot traffic. This achievement is driven by the dedication and creativity of our talented marketing team.”

Looking Ahead

As QTU embarks on its journey towards even greater success, the lessons learned and benchmarks set in 2023 will serve as guiding lights for the current year.

With a commitment to innovation, partnership, and customer-centricity, QTU is poised to redefine the retail experience and continue its legacy as the most popular mall brand in the Albanian retail market.

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