Monday, June 10, 2024

Tag: Marketing

New Research: Gen Z Prefers In-Store Shopping Not Online!

A new research study reveals that Gen Z leads in in-store fashion shopping, challenging online retail trends.

SURVEY: Consumers Want More Live Interactive Shopping Events

A new survey by Agora reveals that 61% of consumers under 55 express interest in live shopping experiences.

QTU Shopping Center Achieves Remarkable Marketing Success

QTU Shopping Center, a favorite family destination in Albania, set new standards in marketing innovation and customer engagement in 2023.

Consumer Trends in 2024: A Shift Towards Health & Wellness

In recent years, Electronics & Technology dominated consumer splurges, but a new study by 5WPR reveals a significant shift.

Why PR is Not an Option – But a Priority for Business Success?

Aleksandra Kožul, Director of Corporate Communications at Novaston, shares her insights into why PR should not be treated as an optional expense but as a must-have for business success.

5 Ways Gift Cards Increase Visitors & Sales in Shopping Centers

Miranda Hrustemović, Marketing Expert from Giftify, shares five innovative gift card solutions to increase foot traffic and sales within shopping centers.

Super Self Festival: Unforgettable Self Awakening Experience at Ada Mall

Personal development, Reiki, and psychology experts are uniting this November at Belgrade's Ada Mall, to awaken individuals to “know thyself”

Ada Mall Launches Inspiring “Heroes in Belgrade” Campaign

Learn how Ada Mall is increasing community engagement, social media followers, and brand awareness with a groundbreaking "Heroes in Belgrade" campaign.

Ada Mall Teaming up with Influencers

Ada Mall in Belgrade invited Nike brand Ambassador, Journalist, and Influencer Nela Bunčić to host an exercise training session on one of its beautiful terraces on the 6th of July.

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