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Ada Mall Launches Inspiring “Heroes in Belgrade” Campaign

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Learn how Ada Mall is increasing community engagement, social media followers, and brand awareness with a groundbreaking “Heroes in Belgrade” campaign.

Ada Mall, one of the leading shopping centers in Belgrade, launched on the 27th of January a marketing campaign named “Heroes in Belgrade”, which will run until the 3rd of March, 2023.

The campaign is a creative and innovative approach to engaging with customers, and the company’s focus on empowering people and building a real community is commendable. By utilizing social media and other digital platforms, they are reaching a large audience and creating a positive impact.

We hope the insights and tips presented by Ada Mall in this article will be valuable for other shopping center managers looking to effectively market their malls in 2023.

About Heroes in Belgrade Campaign

Ada Mall – Heroes in Belgrade Ad Campaign

The campaign invites the local community to share their inspiring stories and to bring their everyday role models aka “heroes” into the spotlight. Participants are encouraged to share their hero’s stories in pictures and words on Instagram, using a dedicated hashtag.

Each week, two hero story winners are selected based on public engagement, receiving Ada Mall shopping vouchers. At the end of the campaign, one weekly winner will be crowned the ultimate “Hero of Belgrade” and receive an additional voucher.

The Inspiration Behind the Campaign

Alex Linchev, Manager of Ada Mall in Belgrade, Serbia
Alex Linchev, Manager of Ada Mall in Belgrade, Serbia

Alex Linchev, Manager of Ada Mall, explains what inspired them to launch this type of campaign:

We chose this campaign because it embodies our core mission – to empower people. We achieve this by supporting their self-expression, encouraging connections with similar individuals, providing motivation, and  service to others.

Ada Mall has discovered that every individual has a unique and motivating story, and by showcasing those stories on social media, they can assist others in recognizing their own potential. Additionally, since people are often eager to talk about themselves or their idols, this campaign holds the power to create a stronger bond between individuals and the mall.

Individuals cherish the ability to exhibit themselves or their role models, connecting to the mall through our active engagement rather than just receiving repetitive sales offers. This is the foundation for building a genuine and contemporary community – by fostering and encouraging shared interests and objectives through exchange and inspiration.

Marketing Channels

To market this campaign, Ada Mall is utilizing various digital platforms, including its loyalty app, email newsletter, social media, YouTube, and collaboration with local influencers.

Alex Linchev states:

Our core customer base seems to be on Instagram but it is important for this campaign that we build a comprehensive digital experience on multiple platforms, including our 40k newsletter and loyalty database.

Ada Mall Campaign KPI Goals

The campaign just started and Ada Mall expects a 10% increase in social media followers and a serious surge in engagement. According to Alex, the real long-term KPI is getting the neighborhood and the city to talk about Ada Mall by giving people an opportunity to talk about themselves.

Advice for Marketing Shopping Centers in 2023

For shopping center managers looking to successfully market their malls in 2023, Alex suggests:

  • Transitioning from classical marketing techniques to the language and mentality of Millennials and Zetters, while avoiding stereotypes.
  • Being part of the customers’ lives and following world leaders in omnichannel experience and retail marketing.
  • Never lying, avoiding platitudes, committing to causes the mall supports and speaking humanely. This often involves including emotional triggers, self-deprecation, humor, and a personal tone.

Alex Linchev adds:

The era of the corporate headshot, the retail junky, the esthetic but emotionless visual and the bragging self-serving PR is long gone.

About Ada Mall

Ada Mall Green Terraces

Ada Mall, a cutting-edge shopping center developed by GTC Group, is located on Radnička Street in Belgrade, opposite the popular Ada Ciganlija recreation area.

This 105 million EUR investment opened its doors in 2019, featuring a gross leasable area of 34,000 sqm spread across five levels and offering a distinctive shopping experience.

ADA MALL was designed to resemble a lake, with a glass and plaster exterior accented by vertical wooden elements, green walls, terraces, and gardens. The complex is conveniently accessible via public transportation and includes three levels of underground parking with about 1,000 spaces.

GTC Group has been a leader in the commercial real estate industry in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe since 1994.

More information about Ada Mall:

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