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Super Self Festival: Unforgettable Self Awakening Experience at Ada Mall

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Personal development, Reiki, and psychology experts are uniting this November at Belgrade’s Ada Mall, to awaken individuals to “know thyself”

In today’s fast-paced world, the pursuit of self-discovery and personal growth often takes a
back seat.

Yet, the undeniable truth is that our external reality often serves as a reflection of our inner
world. It is for this very reason that Ada Mall, distinguished as one of Belgrade’s premier
shopping destinations, is pioneering a fresh and innovative approach to fostering community well-being. Recognizing that self-awareness is the key to our happiness and success, Ada Mall will host the second edition of the Super Self Festival, set for November 18th and 19th.

This event draws inspiration from the wisdom of Aristotle, who famously proclaimed,
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Super Self Festival: Interactive Workshops and Seminars

The Super Self Festival is not just another event; it is a personal development journey for
people of all backgrounds and ages.

With a theme of “Awaken Yourself from Within and Without,” the festival offers visitors
the opportunity to explore their inner selves and unlock their true potential, through a vast
range of interactive workshops and seminars.

Renowned experts have been invited to share their knowledge and provide group coaching

  • Siniša Ubović, an internationally recognized personal development trainer, will
    provide group coaching on how to awaken yourself from within and how to shift from
    awareness to self-awareness.
  • Žarko Ilić, a Reiki Master and Life Coach, will discuss how to find out what is holding
    you back and how to problem-solve in order to set up your life on better foundations.
  • Jelena Stanivuković, a master psychologist and RE&KBT psychotherapist, will
    teach how to control emotions.
  • Dr. Vanja Bokun Popović, HR Specialist, will host interactive workshops to build
    confidence “Don’t get mad in pairs of six” and “Escape the maze with a map and
  • Ana Radovanović, HR Consultant, will give coaching on finding inner strength for
    achieving transformation.
  • Milica Stefanović, Heal Your Life (HYL) Trainer and Coach, will teach on how to change your life story.

To view the full program click here.

Limited Tickets Available – Act Fast

These seminars and workshops will take place within Cinestar Cinema halls at Ada Mall.
There are limited tickets available so act fast to secure your place:

To purchase tickets click here.

Ada Mall as a Thriving Community Center

The Super Self Festival is a prime example of how Ada Mall has evolved into a true
community center.

Rather than just providing a space for shopping and relaxation, it is now a platform for
personal growth, self-discovery, and fostering a sense of belonging. By hosting events like
these, Ada Mall is not only contributing to the personal development of its visitors but also
strengthening the bonds within the community.

So, if you’re looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, as well as find the best brands Belgrade has to offer, Ada Mall is the place to be.

“Awaken Yourself Within and in the World at Ada Mall – Where Community and Personal Growth Unite”

For more information about Ada Mall visit:

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