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Why PR is Not an Option – But a Priority for Business Success?

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Aleksandra Kožul, Director of Corporate Communications at Novaston, shares her insights into why PR should not be treated as an optional expense but as a must-have for business success.

We all know that if a company, brand, or individual wants to build a positive image and gain public favor, loyalty, and a good market and media positioning, they must invest in Public Relations (PR).

However, many people still treat PR as a luxury expense reserved for big companies or celebrities. They forget that PR—aka “strategic communication”—made them big and famous in the first place. Therefore, no matter what size or growth stage a company, brand, or individual is at, PR should be treated as a priority business investment.

To understand further the importance of PR, we have asked Aleksandra Kožul to share her insights based on her extensive PR experience:

Why is Personal PR Important for Personal and Business Success?

Personal PR is important to build a successful personal brand, which will help you attract customers to your business.

A personal brand is the image we present to the world and what sets us apart from the crowd. It represents who we are – our skills, knowledge, passions, experience, beliefs, values, and goals. However, to build a successful personal brand, it is important to align it with who you truly are and not to be fake. This is because authenticity is the key to building trust with the public, and trust is the key to success.

For example, I remember a famous pop singer who told me that he refused to do a lucrative milk advertisement because the public already knew he didn’t like milk. It simply wouldn’t have been good for him or the brand, as the campaign would have looked fake and flopped.

To conclude, if we stay true to our personal branding, people will trust us more, making it easier for them to choose us and what we offer.

Why is it important to communicate your purpose through PR?

In today’s market, simply having an excellent product or service is no longer enough.

People now want to support companies, brands, and individuals who align with their personal values and beliefs. Therefore, it is important for companies and individuals to clearly define their purpose—their ‘why’—and integrate it seamlessly into their communication strategy. The purpose must encompass their mission, vision, and values and must be communicated clearly and consistently to attract a compatible audience.

Purpose is the foundation upon which successful PR strategies are built, as purpose-driven brands are gaining more attention, which drives loyalty and differentiation.

Why is it important to communicate social responsibility?

We see that businesses and individuals who showcase concern for the community and environment are now more popular and successful than those who don’t.

In the business world, questions of sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance are increasingly important. The concept of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) has become a key framework for assessing and managing these issues. Integrating ESG into a company’s business and communication strategy brings numerous benefits, such as better performance and outcomes, a strong reputation, and trust.

In most cases, people will pay more when they know that a company operates in a socially responsible manner.

Take Cuddle + Kind as an example, which sells handmade dolls crafted by artisans in Peru. Each purchased doll provides ten meals to children worldwide, while the women who make them have a secure and decent income. Although they cost up to $73 per doll, they sell well and have provided over 22 million meals since 2015.

To conclude, companies recognized as socially responsible are more likely to attract loyal customers who are willing to pay a higher price.

Why is it important to use PR to build customer loyalty?

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, gaining customer loyalty is tougher than ever.

Surprisingly, even when customers are satisfied, they often switch brands. For instance, despite high satisfaction rates in the automotive industry, only 40% of customers stick with the same brand. This underscores the importance of PR in fostering customer loyalty, as brands must actively engage customers to survive in the competitive market.

Today, the customer is at the center of everything as an individual who not only buys but also builds a certain brand, decides on the product, gives their opinion, and influences campaigns. Brands have been going a step further for some time now, allowing their consumers to create the product this way literally.

In essence, prioritizing customer-centric strategies is essential for brands to survive, thrive, and maintain their relevance.

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