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Ada Mall Celebrates 5th Anniversary with a Special Travel Giveaway

Ada Mall in Belgrade is marking its 5th anniversary on May 23rd with an exciting prize giveaway—a dream travel trip for two!

New Research: Consumers Want More Travel & Experiences

New research by 5WPR reveals a significant increase in consumer spending on travel and experiences in 2024.

New Research: Gen Z Prefers In-Store Shopping Not Online!

A new research study reveals that Gen Z leads in in-store fashion shopping, challenging online retail trends.

SURVEY: Consumers Want More Live Interactive Shopping Events

A new survey by Agora reveals that 61% of consumers under 55 express interest in live shopping experiences.

QTU Shopping Center Achieves Remarkable Marketing Success

QTU Shopping Center, a favorite family destination in Albania, set new standards in marketing innovation and customer engagement in 2023.

Consumer Trends in 2024: A Shift Towards Health & Wellness

In recent years, Electronics & Technology dominated consumer splurges, but a new study by 5WPR reveals a significant shift.

Why PR is Not an Option – But a Priority for Business Success?

Aleksandra Kožul, Director of Corporate Communications at Novaston, shares her insights into why PR should not be treated as an optional expense but as a must-have for business success.

5 Ways Gift Cards Increase Visitors & Sales in Shopping Centers

Miranda Hrustemović, Marketing Expert from Giftify, shares five innovative gift card solutions to increase foot traffic and sales within shopping centers.

5 Tips to Increase Real Estate Sales in 2024

Here are five useful tips for real estate leasing and sales managers to help them boost their performance using the latest technology.

4 Big Changes to TikTok You Should Know About in 2024

Here are the 4 major TikTok changes that will help you market and sell products to a potential audience of 2 billion.

7 Ways How SPAR Became the Most Popular Grocery Chain in Albania

A guide to achieving successful retail expansion based on the strategies used by the international grocery giant SPAR.

Klarna Consumer Trend Report: What did People Buy in 2023?

Klarna released its annual trend report revealing what products sold the most online across Europe and the USA, showing interesting 2023 consumer trends.

How Quizzes Can Boost Gift Sales During the Holidays

82% of Millenials and Gen Z consumers approve of the idea of using a Quiz to find gifts for their parents and loved ones. 

Why Small Retailers are Losing Customers & How to Stop It?

Small retailers are losing potential customers because they lack the convenience Gen Z and Millennials expect, according to new research by GoDaddy.

Secondhand Sunday: A Shopping Trend Launched by Poshmark

The 2nd annual Secondhand Sunday by Poshmark will be celebrated on the 26th of November, encouraging secondhand gifting. 

Top 5 Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon Online Carts

A new survey by Commercetools and YouGov reveals the five reasons why consumers abandon online shopping carts.

What do Social Media Users Want in 2024?

Mindshare and Snapchat's new study reveals the conscious and unconscious social media users' preferences in 2024.

Luxury Fashion Market: 3 Trends Driving Growth from 2023 to 2028

The luxury fashion market is projected to double in value by 2028, all thanks to 3 key trends revealed in Ariston's latest report.

2023 Black Friday Survey: How will People Shop this November?

The 2023 Black Friday Consumer Sentiment Survey by Boston Consulting Group unveils the anticipated spending behaviors of global consumers.

2023 Beauty Industry Consumer Trends Unveiled by Bolt

75% of shoppers would pay more for beauty products to get personalized online shopping experiences, says a new survey by Bolt.

Merkle Unveils 2023 Holiday Playbook for Retailers’ Success

Merkle's 2023 Holiday Playbook gives retailers and shopping centers valuable industry insights to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. 

2023 Omnichannel Retail Index Report Reveals 4 Key Findings

The 2023 Omnichannel Retail Index Report by OSF Digital reveals where retailers and brands are accelerating growth this year.

The Future of Retail: Shoppers Ready for AI, AR and Robots

With recent advancements in technology, AI, AR, and robots are likely to dominate the in-store and online landscape, according to a new research study "The Future of Retail" by Klarna.

Consumers Choosing to Shop and Dine Closer to Home

Gravy Analytics released its new Consumer Trends Report, which analyzed foot traffic data across a variety of locations in the USA from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 to see how consumer behavior has changed across industries.

How to Advertise to Gen Z Consumers in 2023?

Gen Z expects advertising to be purpose-driven, unobtrusive, and entertaining according to a new survey by NCSolutions 

TikTok Continues to Dominate the Digital World in 2023

TikTok is recording a rise in user engagement in 2023, according to a new mobile behavioral data report by Measure Protocol. 

The Most Popular Fashion & Footwear Brands in 2023

Here are the top fashion and footwear brands in the USA based on the 2023 "Brand Heat Index" by L.E.K. Consulting.

What Prizes do Consumers Want from Brands in 2023?

A new survey by Merkle reveals how brands can improve prize and incentive strategies to drive desired consumer behaviors through promotions, branded games, chance-to-win experiences, and loyalty programs.

Synchrony Releases New “Future of Shopping” Study

Synchrony's new study reveals that more than 80% of shoppers expect hyper-curated in-store experiences by 2030.  

Gardening Rising in Popularity in the Post Covid Age

Gardening is more popular than ever among all generations according to the new Bigger Garden 2023 research report.

PwC Global Consumer Insights for 2023

PwC Global Consumer Insights Survey explores the ways in which consumers are responding to the "cost of living crisis", and how retailers can adapt to the current climate.

Brick and Mortar Stores Losing Billions Due to Checkout Lines

Find out how much brick-and-mortar stores are losing money because they are still making customers wait in checkout lines. 

How to Communicate with Customers in 2023?

According to a new study from Intercom, the way that companies talk to their customers can significantly impact retention and business growth.

Social Commerce Progress and the Future Survey Report 2022

A new global survey by GoodFirms reveals the current state of social commerce, its key drivers, opportunities, challenges, and future trends.

Global Luxury Market Predictions for 2023

The global luxury goods market is recording an increase in sales in 2022 and is expected to see further growth and expansion next year, despite economic turbulence.

2022 Customer Patience Study: How Speed Affects Sales?

Six-Time bestselling author Jay Baer's new study proves that speed and response time is the most important component of the customer experience.

Consumer Incentive Preferences in 2022

Onbe shares findings of its "2022 State of Incentives" survey, polling more than 750 consumers about their shopping behavior and incentive preferences.

2022 Holiday Shopping Trends You Need to Know About

A new survey by Smartly.io reveals consumers’ preferences for this holiday shopping season and how digital ads can impact their decision-making.

Consumer Study: Who is Spending the Most during Inflation?

A new consumer study by Scorpion reveals Gen Z and Millennials are more willing to spend now and say they are better off financially than Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Dynata Releases New Global Consumer Trends Report for 2022

Dynata's Global Consumer Trends survey reveals that 53% of people are struggling to afford basic needs and 67% have reduced spending to combat inflation.

Experiences are the New Drivers for Foot Traffic not Material Goods!

According to a new Consumer Trends Report by Gravy Analytics, consumers are now prioritizing entertainment, leisure, and travel experiences over material goods. 

IBM Study Reveals Consumers’ want Sustainability and Hybrid Shopping

New study "Consumers want it all," reveals rising consumer preferences for sustainability and shopping journeys splintered across multiple digital, physical, and mobile touchpoints.

Treasure Data Survey Reveals Best Retail Strategies for 2022

New Treasure Data Survey outlines what will be the major consumer trends in 2022 and what strategies brands need to implement this year for success.

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