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Construction Starts on Riva Shopping Center in Velika Plana, Serbia

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A time capsule was placed in the foundations of the future RIVA shopping center in Velika Plana, marking the start of its construction.

The capsule was placed on the 2nd of April, containing copies of daily newspapers and messages written by members and project partners of the local investor Donić.

Riva Velika Plana
Riva Shopping Center team writing messages for the time capsule

About Riva Shopping Center 

Riva Shopping Center Visual Layout

Situated in the heart of Velika Plana, the RIVA shopping center will cover an area of 11,280 m².

It will boast a total gross area of 6,019.93m², with 5,600m² allocated for tenants. The center will accommodate over 17 shops, 100 parking spaces, and a children’s playground. The location enjoys excellent connectivity to Belgrade and Niš, as it is less than a kilometer away from the E-75 highway junction, the most vital transportation artery in Serbia.

In addition to its prime location, it will offer a carefully selected tenant mix of national and international brands of various categories such as fashion, footwear, sports, beauty and health, and services. Alongside a supermarket and children’s playground, these offerings will enhance the overall shopping experience.

The grand opening is planned for September 2024.

Milan Donić, the investor and developer, said:

Milan Donić Investor of Riva Shopping Center

“By constructing the RIVA shopping center and engaging Velika Plana-based companies throughout the entire process and ongoing operation, our family-owned company, Donić, aims to make a substantial contribution to the development of the local community. We are confident that this establishment will emerge as a new center for social gatherings and shopping, not only for residents in Velika Plana but also for visitors from the surrounding region.”

About Donić: The Investor

Riva Velika Plana Construction

Established in 1994, the Donić company has demonstrated continuous growth and development.

Presently, it boasts a team of over 100 employees and manages 11 retail stores across the Danube and Šumadija districts. With Velika Plana as a primary focal point, the company maintains an upward trajectory in its growth. Year after year, the Donić family refines its business strategies and strategically expands its operations. This expansion culminated with the acquisition of the former Perkon complex and the former poultry slaughterhouse “IPK 10. Oktobar,” sites where the RIVA shopping center will soon rise.

Renowned for its commitment to quality business practices, the Donić company swiftly gained recognition from leading white goods manufacturers, a reputation it continues to uphold.

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