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Riva Shopping Center to Open This September in Serbia

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 RIVA Shopping Center is nearing its grand opening, scheduled for the second half of September.

This major development is poised to become the largest investment in Velika Plana this year, significantly boosting the local economy and community.

Construction efforts are progressing well, with the center’s rough construction phase nearing completion.

Milan Donić, the primary investor, during a recent media visit, said:

“The building is in its final stages of rough construction, and we expect it to be completed in about a month. After that, tenants will start fitting out their spaces to their needs, and our construction team will shift focus to the road infrastructure.”

Investment Impact and Community Contribution

Milan Donić, Investor of Riva Shopping Center at the site in Velika Plana

The RIVA Shopping Center spans over 6,000 square meters and has involved local firms throughout its construction.

“By constructing the RIVA Shopping Center and involving firms from Velika Plana throughout the entire process, we aim to contribute to the development of the local community and leave a lasting impact,” Donić stated.

RIVA Shopping Center is set to create significant employment opportunities in the region.

A job fair is scheduled for July 3rd, from 10 am to 6 pm, outside the City Hall, where local residents and those from nearby areas can submit their resumes directly to prospective employers.

“We aim to contribute to the local community by creating over 200 job opportunities,” Donić emphasized.

Location and Tenant Mix

Riva Shopping Center team

The shopping center’s strategic location, close to the E-75 highway, provides excellent connectivity to Belgrade and Niš.

RIVA Shopping Center is set to transform the retail landscape in Velika Plana, providing a new hub for shopping, entertainment, and community activities.

The center will house diverse national and international brands across various categories, such as fashion, footwear, sports, beauty and health, and hospitality. It will be complemented by a supermarket, children’s playground, and two children’s parks. Future tenants include Lilly Drogerie, Maxi, Walter, Sinsay, Koton, and others.

“Our future RIVA Shopping Park will not only be a place for entertainment and shopping but a new home for all of us,” Donić concluded

About the Investor

Donić Company was founded in 1994 and has been continuously growing and expanding.

Today, the company employs over 100 people and operates 11 retail outlets in the Danube and Šumadija regions. The company’s growth has steadily increased, with a primary focus on Velika Plana. Year by year, the Donić family enhances its business operations and strategically expands.

Currently, they own the former Perkon complex in the heart of Velika Plana and the former poultry slaughterhouse “IPK 10th October,” where the RIVA Shopping Center will soon be erected.

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