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Ada Mall Celebrates 5th Anniversary with a Special Travel Giveaway

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Ada Mall in Belgrade is marking its 5th anniversary on May 23rd with an exciting prize giveaway—a dream travel trip for two!

From May 10th to May 30th, visitors who make two separate purchases of over 6,000 RSD each can use their receipts to enter a draw for a travel voucher worth 5,555 EUR. The lucky winner will have the opportunity to choose their desired travel destination from any continent.

“Imagine exploring the bustling streets of Asia, savoring the beauty of Europe, embarking on a safari ride in Africa, or discovering the wonders of North or South America—all made possible by Ada Mall!”

The winner will be announced on May 31st.

For more information on how to participate, click here.

Ada Mall a Perfect Example of a Community Hub

With this grand travel giveaway, Ada Mall has once again demonstrated its commitment to following consumer trends and offering the community more than just a shopping experience.

 “Inspired by our motto of ‘Different, like you,‘ we embarked on a remarkable journey to provide visitors with unique experiences that extend beyond traditional retail offerings,” says Alex Linchev, Shopping Center General Manager at GTC – Ada Mall

Alex Linchev, Director of Ada Mall, explains that community engagement campaigns like this, diverse events, and an award-winning loyalty program have all contributed to their success in becoming a leading community center in Belgrade.

Adapting to Consumer Preferences

Alex Linchev, Shopping Center General Manager at GTC – Ada Mall

Recent global consumer behavior studies confirm that the interest in experiences has increased this year.

Check out: New Research: Consumers Want More Travel and Experiences

Ada Mall has recognized this growing need for experiences and created a loyalty program that partners with diverse businesses outside the mall, including:

  • Hotels across Serbia: Offering discounted stays for a luxurious getaway.
  • Opera and Theatre Houses in Belgrade: Providing special rates for cultural and entertainment experiences.
  • The National Air Carrier: Offering discounts on flights, making travel more affordable.
  • Swimming Pools: Providing reduced rates for leisure and fitness activities.
  • Medical Practices: Ensuring access to healthcare services at lower costs.
  • Bike Rentals: Encouraging outdoor activities with discounted rentals.

By integrating these partnerships, the loyalty program creates a sense of community.

Members feel connected not just to the mall, but to a larger network of businesses and services that enhance their lifestyle. This community-oriented approach fosters a sense of belonging and ensures that Ada Mall is seen as a hub of not just shopping, but also leisure, culture, and wellness.

Alex explains how Ada Mall has adapted to changing consumer preferences and trends:

“By recognizing it’s no longer merely about shopping, entertainment, and events per se. It’s about an omnichannel approach, a human-centric strategy where people feel part of the mall’s community—whether they are in the mall, digitally browsing, or even outside the mall. Ada Mall has a very distinctive marketing presence, from its international award-winning loyalty program to its unique in-mall free library. Our approach spans visuals, language, and messages designed to reach customers on a personal level, as well as community-engagement campaigns such as local schools’ competitions, terrace party events, meet and greets with local artists, artisan bazaars, and more.”

Visitor Growth and Engagement

Ada Mall continues to see growth in the number of daily and annual visitors.

Alex says that this increase is attributed to a refreshed tenant mix tailored to the mall’s target audience, which includes a huge playground, an upcoming fitness and wellness center covering 1300 m², an emblematic cinema, Scary Labyrinth, and premium brands such as Starbucks, H&M, Reserved, Sinsay, Nike, Sport Vision, and many more.

“We always strive to listen and respond to our customers’ needs. Our dedicated approach results in loyalty, repetitive visits, and retention,” Linchev adds.

Looking to the Future

As it looks towards the future, Ada Mall promises exciting new openings, summer terrace parties, and generous loyalty prizes.

Ada Mall’s commitment to providing unparalleled shopping experiences and fostering a vibrant atmosphere has solidified its status as a must-visit destination in Belgrade.

Whether you’re looking to shop, participate in community events, or simply enjoy a day out, Ada Mall offers something for everyone.

For more information: www.adamall.com

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