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Twister Brings a New Playground Experience to Slavonski Brod

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After 10 years of successful operation, Twister Fun Park relocated to the 2nd floor of Supernova Colosseum in Slavonski Brod, offering many playground innovations.

The new playground is now located right next to CineStar Cinema, completing the shopping center’s entertainment cluster.

The grand reopening was celebrated with free children’s performances, workshops, entertainers, and the Twister mascot – Twistie. A large number of children and parents participated in the festivities.

Twister is a well-recognized brand that has been a part of Slavonski Brod for many generations. and with its refreshed space, they hope to attract new generations to come.

Here is what is new:

A Brighter and More Fun Space

The new Twister playground spans over 320 m2 and offers various attractions catering to all kid ages and interests.

The entire playground, from its design to its equipment, has been revamped with a Candy theme, creating an entirely new and exciting look. Its space includes active play corners, digital games, and much more.

The best part is that the new location offers a brighter and more enjoyable environment. One side is illuminated by natural light, providing a unique sensation of outdoor play.

At the entrance, visitors will also find the new Twister Shop, offering a diverse range of Twister souvenirs, popular toys, drinks, and sweets for all visitors to enjoy.

Collaborative Partnerships

Twister has established excellent collaborations with longstanding partners to create special new features within this playground.

For instance, the Croatian Post is one of the sponsors for the play corner, where children can drop their letters into a real mailbox located in a mini-post office building. Besides the post office, the play area also offers a mini vet office, beauty corner, restaurant, mechanics workshop, etc.

Children can also now celebrate birthdays in new Ledo and Plazma party rooms.

Twister is known for its partnerships with reputable brands, demonstrating the power of cross-promotional collaboration.

Rich Offerings and Additional Value

The playground operates daily and offers many birthday packages, membership cards, loyalty programs, and more.

Additionally, Twister provides added value through creative, dance, sports, and eco-friendly programs for children, held weekly under the Play Day initiative.

Parents and visitors of Supernova Colosseum can now enjoy up to 3 hours of leisure time, including shopping, dining, and watching movies, while their children are in the trusted hands of Twister animators.

Trust is the main factor that makes Twister a favorite playground destination for parents, as they invest heavily in staff training. Their efforts have been rewarded with a Moms Choice (Odobrale Mame) award in 2024, confirming that they provide the best playground service in Croatia.

Twister Fun Park Expansion

Twister Fun Park currently operates six playgrounds across Croatia, located in the most prominent shopping centers.

You can find them in “Mall of Split” in Split, “Supernova Colosseum” in Slavonski Brod, “Portanova” in Osijek, “Lumini” in Varaždin, “Max City” in Pula, and “Supernova” in Zadar.

They attract over 3% of the total footfall in the shopping centers where they operate. Annually, their playgrounds attract over 550,000 children and over 700,000 parents.

Twister is looking to expand its high-quality playgrounds to shopping centers across the Southeast Europe region, and they are now open to receiving offers for leasing opportunities.

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