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Ava Shopping Park: One Year of Success and Celebration

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Ava Shopping Park is proudly celebrating its one-year anniversary this weekend and to gain insights into the retail park’s business success, we had the opportunity to speak with its partner Novaston.

Positioned adjacent to the renowned IKEA department store in Bubanj Potok municipality, Ava Shopping Park represents a significant 50 million EUR investment by IKEA, encompassing 19,000 square meters. Furthermore, ongoing construction works are paving the way for its second phase, set to extend the retail park to 30,000 square meters.

Novaston, the esteemed consultancy company, has been at the helm of this project from its inception, assuming responsibilities for operational management, maintenance, and marketing. We had the pleasure of speaking with Aleksandra Kozul, Communication Director at Novaston, to gain further insights into Ava Shopping Park’s first-year accomplishments.

How has Ava Shopping Park Performed in the past year?

Ava Shopping Park prides itself on its exceptional occupancy rate, with no vacant units, achieving an impressive 100% occupancy. Furthermore, the park has attracted nearly 1.5 million visitors within its first year of operation. We at Novaston have also worked on establishing the retail park to be known for its commitment to community welfare and environmental sustainability.

Currently, efforts are underway to engage with neighboring communities and introduce Ava Shopping Park to residents of nearby towns. The park’s strategic location offers convenience to people from various cities, extending its appeal beyond Belgrade alone. These statistics underscore Ava Shopping Park’s success and popularity among visitors.

Have you attracted new tenants since its opening?

Over the past year, Ava Shopping Park has witnessed exciting new openings. One noteworthy addition is the Balkan national cuisine restaurant, which has enriched the park’s gastronomic offerings. Moreover, the highly anticipated opening of McDonald’s is just around the corner. Additionally, the autumn season witnessed the opening of XYZ multi-brand fashion store, further diversifying the park’s retail landscape.

The park currently boasts over 36 brands, but as we are actively working on its second phase of development we will soon be able to welcome more renowned international fashion retailers. This will further enhance the park’s comprehensive offerings across 30,000 square meters.

An exciting announcement to look forward to is the opening of the largest trampoline and amusement park in Belgrade which will consist of over 4,500 square meters. This one-of-a-kind amusement park will offer a myriad of attractions for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

How will Ava Shopping Park Celebrate its First Anniversary?

In the spirit of its first anniversary, Ava Shopping Park has organized a grand celebration. From May 26th to 28th, visitors can partake in a weekend filled with exciting store discounts and activities, including kids’ workshops, games, an artificial climbing wall installation, and numerous surprises.

The festivities commence on May 26th with clowns, gifts, and children’s activities from 5 pm to 8 pm. On May 27th and 28th (12 pm to 8 pm), the AVA entertainment corner will captivate visitors with its artificial climbing wall and children’s play area. Additionally, a “FUN Corner” awaits visitors, offering a range of activities such as creative workshops, educational sessions, sports, and ecological gatherings.

Moms will be able to indulge in a Zen Oasis designed for relaxation, featuring Ayurvedic skills, office yoga, and a reading corner showcasing new female authors from the literary scene.

The Ava Shopping Park anniversary celebration promises more fun, shopping, love, sports, beauty, style, and everything that makes life enjoyable and creative. We hope that readers from Belgrade will join us in the festivities at Ava Shopping Park and explore the diverse offerings we have organized.

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