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CC Real: Energy Efficiency in Shopping Centers!

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CC Real, a leading commercial real estate investment and management company, shares three tips on how shopping centers can become more energy efficient and sustainable.

Achieving energy efficiency and sustainability in the business world is a hot topic, and almost all real estate companies talk about it nowadays. However, when it comes down to companies actually making a change, there is often an inexplicable drop in enthusiasm. Most companies fail to implement the necessary strategies and policies that would lead them toward a greener future.

Let us look at concrete examples of how energy efficiency and sustainability can become more than just buzzwords in annual company reports.

CC Real Setting an Example

Ivica Tišljar, Head of Property Management at CC Real, discusses what practical measures can be taken based on their successful experience managing shopping centers in Croatia.

CC Real has been operating in Croatia since 2006, and manages four large shopping centers: City Center one (2 in Zagreb and 1 in Split), and Max City in Pula which is their latest management acquisition since February 2021.

3 Best Practices for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

1. Carefully Planned and Rational Energy Management

Depending on the technical capabilities of a facility, CC Real recommends to owners of shopping centers, that rely on gas, to introduce alternative methods for heating.

Ivica Tišljar explains:

With alternative methods, we contract flexible quantities of gas, so that on a monthly basis we can pick and choose which fuel type to use for heating based on their availability and price. When it comes to electricity, we contract its supply at the beginning of the year, at a fixed price for a longer period. This proved to be very smart on our part considering the huge price increases we are now seeing in the world.

2. Rooftop Solar Panels

CC Real advises owners of shopping centers to invest in solar energy.

Max City Pula, the largest shopping center in the Istria region, is equipped with as many as 2,000 solar cells of the latest generation. This reduces the need to use electricity from non-renewable sources and promotes the vision of a green and sustainable future.

Ivica Tišljar:

The solar panels on the roof of Max City form two solar power plants with a maximal AC power input of 570 kW, producing more than 800,000 kWh of electricity annually. For comparison, this amount of energy can supply the needs of around 240 medium-sized households every year.

3. Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

City Center one shopping centers were the first in Croatia to introduce in 2016 charging stations for electric vehicles, which were completely free for visitors at that time.

Ivica Tišljar:

We monitor demand and the number of users of electric charging stations as a way to add new positions and increase the supply accordingly.

In addition, City Center one West and Split hosted the „Electric Mobility Festival„ in 2021 and 2022. The event showcased a wide selection of electric and hybrid vehicles to visitors and informed them about government incentives for their purchases.

2 Big Goals for the near Future

1. Acquiring Prestigious Global and European Energy Certificates (BREEAM, LEED, DGNB)

CC Real’s current focus is to acquire in the near future some of the highest prestigious, comprehensive, and complex European and World certificates for the facilities that they manage.

Ivica Tišljar:

Through categorization, we want to improve the facilities we manage and lead them toward achieving higher energy efficiency.

2. Energy, Water and Waste Management

CC Real is making long-term goals to make their real estate property portfolio energy efficient and sustainable by following EU guidelines.

Ivica Tišljar:

For certain facilities, we will additionally develop a more detailed sustainability strategy for energy and water consumption, as well as, waste management. The strategy will accurately determine the current situation and define the long-term goals we want to achieve in the next 20 to 30 years. By doing so, we remain committed to helping our real estate portfolio come closer than ever to the EU goals and guidelines, especially with the aim to reduce climate change and control environmental pollution.

Learn more about CC Real: cc-real.com

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