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City Center one Split: A 20 Million Renovation Project

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CC Real, an international investment and asset management company, is extensively renovating City Center one Split.

Embracing Change After 13 Years

After 13 years of operating as one of the largest shopping centers in the region, this favorite gathering place for friends and families in Dalmatia is undergoing a renovation and redesign process.

The renovation works commenced in late 2022 and are planned to be completed by mid-2024. While the structure of the mall will remain the same, visitors can expect an enhanced offering and a more beautiful, modern ambiance – embracing the motto of this project: “Isto misto, novi đir” (Same place, new memories)

The center remains fully functional and open to visitors throughout the renovation process, allowing everyone to enjoy their shopping experience without any disruptions.

Investing 20 Million Euros in Progress

City Center one Split Renovation 2023

According to Pjero Rakela, Development Manager of CC Real, the company that manages City Center one Split, this renovation investment worth 20 million EUR is unfolding in two phases.

The first phase involves renovating and relocating stores, with a significant portion already completed or in progress. By the end of September 2023, the second phase will begin focusing on other areas of the shopping center. This includes refreshing the garage, main entrance, corridors, central areas, sanitary facilities, and ultimately the Food Court.

Pjero Rakela adds:

“The works will cover over 11,000 square meters of the shopping center, excluding tenant areas. More than 5,500 square meters of ceilings will be changed, all façades above the walkways will be redecorated, and over 5,000 new lighting elements will be installed in the Center and garage”.

Reimagining Stores and Layouts

City Center one Split Renovation 2023

CC Real reveals that over 40 stores will reemerge in a refreshed format, with a significant portion of them relocating to new positions within the center.

Notable tenants who have transformed their existing stores via renovations within City Center one Split include H&M, Peek&Cloppenburg, Swarovski, Optika Anda, Aldo, My House, A1, Leggiero, Ljekarna SDŽ and Wettpunkt.

Tenants, who have chosen to relocate to new spaces, include Ulla Popken, Guess Accessories Store, Europa 92, Ghetaldus Optika, Kids Jungle playroom, Fun&Play Arcade, Sport Vision, Kerver, Zlatarna Dodić, Perfecta Dreams, and Lonci&Poklopci by Bajde.

The arrival of brand-new retailers, including camel active, Buzz, Torterie Macaron, Kavana Procaffe, and INCH, promises to further enrich the center’s offerings.

Pjero Rakela states:

„Currently, the leasing team is actively working on further optimizing the tenant mix, not only by adding new brands but also changing the layout.  Specific retail categories are being grouped and positioned on different floors in order to create an even better shopping experience. We are particularly delighted by the response of tenants who have supported the project and greatly facilitated the duration and execution of certain works with their quick reactions. We are pleased to say that despite the current occupancy rate being a high 97%, for these 3% vacancies, we already have plans that will be a pleasant surprise.”

A New Terrace and Refreshed Ambience

The architecturally distinctive building will adopt a new look, featuring a terrace that will bring the scents of Split’s favorite coffee from Kavana ProCaffe.

A new cake shop Torterie Macaron has been added to sweeten things up, and the Leggiero café bar has undergone transformations. Further changes are underway in the gastronomy segment, including changes to the Food Court area.

The interior of the center will also be refreshed and modernized, emphasizing natural light, ample glass windows, greenery, and bright colors to create a pleasant atmosphere. The glass atrium, benches, and lounge area will all contribute to the overall ambiance.

Entertainment for the Whole Family

CC Real is in the process of crafting an innovative entertainment segment within City Center one Split. Notably, substantial modifications are underway involving the Cineplexx cinema and the renowned Kid’s Jungle play area. These changes with additional innovations will enhance the visitor experience at this popular shopping center.

Pjero Rakela:

“We are working with a dedicated agency in leisure destination planning to reshape the entertainment zone within City Center one Split.  We are confident that it will take on an entirely new dimension after the renovation works are completed”.

Improving Sustainability

City Center one Split Renovation 2023

Through these renovation works, CC Real aims to meet the criteria for obtaining the international sustainability certification – DGNB, confirming City Center one Split’s sustainability in areas of ecology, economy, and socio-cultural quality.

Pjero Rakela states:

“By optimizing electricity consumption, we plan to reduce consumption by 650,000 kWh annually, leading to a decrease of the center’s carbon footprint by 90 tons per year.”

Adapting to Trends and Community Needs

Each change within the center is inspired by new trends and the needs of the local community, ensuring that this well-known Split shopping destination continues to meet the expectations of its loyal visitors.

Pjero Rakela, explains the approach to the renovation project:

“We keenly observe market trends, focusing on our visitors’ needs. Our global presence aids trend recognition, followed by comprehensive market research and meticulous preparation. We execute our ideas only after this process. The project team, often international, and involving various departments, collaborates with the local management that is familiar with the centers and visitors. This drives our strategy, repositioning City Center one Split as a community hub—a destination for relaxation, socializing, and shopping.”

As the renovations progress, it is exciting to witness the familiar City Center one Split gradually revealing its new look.

About CC Real:

CC Real is a full-service real estate asset and investment management company, offering in-house investment (AIFM), capital, asset, property, facilities, development management, architectural design, project management, and environmental consulting (EU Taxonomy).

The company is headquartered in Vienna, with local offices in Croatia, Finland, and Australia as well as partnerships in the UK and the US. CC Real leverages the global perspective and proven expertise of its 180 people across multiple regions, markets, and sectors to create long-term wealth for its partners. It currently has €2.7bn assets under management.

For more information visit:

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