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MOBIA: Fastest Growing Tech Retailer in South East Europe

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As technology remains the hottest consumer spending category, electronics and tech gadget retailer MOBIA is expanding like wildfire across Southeast Europe.

According to the “2024 Consumer Culture Report,” electronics, alongside health, wellness, and beauty, remains the favored spending category among consumers of all ages.

Smartphones, smart devices, gadgets, and accessories are among the most popular products globally, generating over $340 billion USD in annual revenue.

This trend underscores the necessity for shopping centers to include high-quality tech retailers into their tenant mix to meet consumer demands.

MOBIA Changing the Retail Scene

Mobia Kiosk
Mobia Kiosk

Traditionally, tech gear was predominantly sold online or in large electronics stores.

However, Croatian retailer MOBIA is introducing a new trend in the SEE market by creating stylish tech stores ranging from 15-250 sqm and kiosks spanning 10-30 sqm.

Mobia Store

Its offerings include over 2,000 products from renowned international brands such as Guess, Karl Lagerfeld, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Adidas, Disney, and many more.

Their product range encompasses:

  • Mobile and Computer Tech: Gear and accessories for Smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets,
  • On-the-Go Accessories: Car tech, travel accessories, photo and video gear, smart watches, wearables, fitness trackers, etc.
  • Smart Home Appliances: Lights, diffusers, smart devices, etc.
  • Entertainment: Music accessories and gadgets.

“At Mobia, we are revolutionizing the tech shopping experience in the SEE region. Our stylish stores feature a vast array of products tailored to the demands of today’s consumers, seamlessly blending elegance with practicality in the tech world.”, states Mobia Management team.

MOBIA Rapid Expansion

In just a few years, MOBIA has expanded its network to 25 points of sale across Croatia and Slovenia.

This rapid growth is attributed to their attractive stores and diverse product offerings, which resonate with consumers of all ages and interests. This is exactly why they are a sought-after tenant for shopping centers aiming to boost foot traffic.

According to MOBIA management, they plan to expand to other regional countries, including Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, and beyond.

MOBIA achieves this expansion through a franchise model, partnering with local investors and retailers looking for fast ROI opportunities.

“Our rapid expansion showcases the soaring demand for top-tier tech products and reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled shopping experience. We are thrilled to bring MOBIA’s distinctive offerings to even more countries across the region, setting new standards in tech retail.”

To learn more about Mobia, visit their official page:

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