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Twister Fun Park: Why Playrooms are the Best Anchors for Malls

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Twister Fun Park demonstrates how playrooms in shopping centers increase foot traffic, dwell time, and sales revenue.

Amidst the evolving landscape of shopping centers, Twister Fun Park has emerged as a game-changer in Croatia. Beyond being just a kids’ playroom chain, Twister Fun Park is reshaping the dynamics of shopping center success. This article explores how Twister Fun Park is revolutionizing shopping centers and why playrooms just like Twister are becoming pivotal for their prosperity.

Twister Fun Park: The Ultimate Family Destination in Croatia

With an impressive 11-year legacy, Twister Fun Park has solidified its reputation as the leading provider of childcare entertainment facilities in Croatia. Its footprint spans across six of the nation’s most prominent shopping centers, including renowned destinations such as “Mall of Split” in Split, “Supernova Colosseum” in Slavonski Brod, “Portanova” in Osijek, “Lumini” in Varaždin, “Max City” in Pula, and “Supernova” in Zadar.

Increasing Foot Traffic, Elevating Success

Twister Fun Park’s strategic placement within shopping centers serves as a catalyst for increased foot traffic and extended visits. Twister’s management confirmed with us that they are responsible for attracting over 3% of overall foot traffic within the shopping centers they are operating in.

Annually, over 550,000 children and 700,000 parents are enticed into the captivating realm of Twister, sprawling over an impressive 2,600 square meters of play area. This influx of visitors translates into heightened traffic for shopping centers, prolonged dwell times, and enhanced sales opportunities.

Enhancing Visitor Satisfaction

At the heart of Twister’s appeal lies its unwavering commitment to comprehensive childcare services. Parents in Croatia are drawn to the secure haven Twister provides, where their children can engage in playful learning under the guidance of dedicated animators.

Aligning its operational hours with those of shopping centers, and offering a well-curated mix of attractions tailored to children aged 1 to 12, ensures families can make the most of their shopping excursions. Twister’s devotion to continuous innovation is evident in its interactive play zones and cutting-edge digital offerings, providing children with endless engagement opportunities while parents shop in peace.

Fostering Entertainment Synergy

Strategically situated in close proximity to cinemas like Cinestar and in the vicinity of food courts, Twister Fun Park assumes a pivotal role within the entertainment clusters of shopping centers. This symbiotic placement extends the shopping experience beyond transactional retail, delivering families a comprehensive destination for leisure, amusement, and relaxation.

As visitors engage with Twister’s offerings, the overall shopping center environment becomes more vibrant and dynamic, creating a ripple effect of satisfaction and repeat patronage.

Partnerships with Leading Brands

Twister Fun Park’s journey is strengthened by its strategic brand partnerships, ushering in a new era of tenant-driven success in shopping centers. Collaborations with industry leaders such as Ledo, Hespo, Plazma Bambi, Leggiero, Torterie, Biberon Cake, and others have propelled Twister beyond traditional boundaries.

These partnerships fuel innovative initiatives, from incorporating exclusive product assortments into Twister centers to crafting immersive play zones that resonate with partner brands. Twister’s imaginative approach extends even to bespoke birthday celebrations, mirroring the essence of its esteemed partners. Through these collaborations, Twister exemplifies how the synergy between playrooms and retail giants can drive business success.

Future Horizons: Twister Fun Park Expansion

According to Twister Management team, the company is seeking to expand its network within shopping centers across Croatia and the neighboring countries in the region. Simultaneously, they will continuously invest in upgrading their existing locations with novel attractions, as well as broaden their strategic partnerships with various brands to facilitate cross-promotion.

Embracing the Twister Paradigm

Shopping centers worldwide are witnessing a paradigm shift, where playrooms like Twister are no longer just an amenity; they are indispensable drivers of foot traffic, customer satisfaction, and revenue generation.

The success story of Twister Fun Park beckons shopping centers to recognize the evolving landscape and embrace the era where playrooms take center stage.  For shopping centers, Twister offers an opportunity to create immersive experiences that attract families, drive repeat visits, and cement the status of shopping centers as vibrant community hubs.

Twister Fun Park isn’t just about games; it’s about crafting unforgettable family experiences that draw in visitors and contribute to the bottom line of shopping center success.

To find out more about Twister Fun Park visit their official website: and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn

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