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Joker Mall Opens the Most Modern Hypermarket in Croatia

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Joker Mall in Split is now home to one of the most modern hypermarkets in Croatia, thanks to the extensive store renovations completed by Tommy hypermarket.

The new hypermarket in Joker Mall is a testament to the dedication of Tommy company to
providing the best customer experience possible. By incorporating innovative retail technology and investing in modernization, Tommy is making shopping easier, faster, and more enjoyable for customers.

Tommy Hypermarket at Joker Mall in Split

Embracing New Retail Technology

1. Self-Service Cash Registers & Automated Packaging System

Tommy Self Checkout at Joker Mall in Split

The eight fast self-service cash registers are a great addition to the renovated Tommy hypermarket, as they help reduce long lines and wait times, while also allowing customers to quickly and easily check out on their own.

The new automated system for packaging also helps speed up the process of accepting purchases, making it more convenient for customers.

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3. New Digital Scales

Tommy Digital Scales at Joker Mall in Split

Another impressive feature of the hypermarket is the new digital scales, which are not only
more accurate but also provide customers with a more seamless shopping experience.

3. Price Checker Device

Tommy Price Checker at Joker Mall in Split

Customers can also check prices, loyalty card points, and gift card balances on the “price
checker” device, which is a great tool for helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Digital Displays

Tommy Meat Displays at Joker Mall in Split

The digital display of prices in certain departments is also a unique and innovative feature,
setting new standards for retail technology. Customers can easily see the prices of items
without having to search for them, making the shopping experience even more convenient.

Staying Fresh

Tommy Hypermarket Interior at Joker Mall in Split

The offer of the newly renovated Tommy store in Joker is recognizably good and is
characterized by a rich assortment of food and non-food products. Special attention is directed to the butcher’s, fish, gastronomy, fruit and vegetable, delicatessen, and bakery
departments with a daily fresh offer, in which Croatian products and producers are
predominantly represented.

Joker Mall Opening a New Foodcourt Soon

Jocker Split
Joker Mall in Split

In addition to the new hypermarket, Joker Mall is also introducing a new food court concept on the top floor. This new food court will offer an even wider selection of international and local cuisine, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Overall, the new hypermarket in Joker Mall is a great example of how retail technology can
transform the customer experience. By investing in modernization and innovation, Tommy is ensuring that it remains a leader in the hypermarket industry in Croatia. Customers can now enjoy a more seamless, convenient, and enjoyable shopping experience, making Joker Mall a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

For more information visit their website:

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