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Harbour City Embraces Art to Attract Visitors in Hong Kong

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Harbour City, Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall, is taking the art world by storm with its latest public art installation titled “GIANTS: Rising Up”.

The installation was created by renowned French artist JR and is his first “GIANTS” artwork in Asia. The gigantic art installation depicts a larger-than-life high jumper floating in mid-air adjacent to Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour, with her body bending gracefully and her head back facing the fabulous skyline.

Giants Rising Up

“GIANTS: Rising Up” Public Art Installation at Harbour City Shopping Mall depicts a gigantic high jumper floating in mid-air adjacent to Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour

The installation is 12 meters high and 12 meters wide, and it cleverly interacts with the surroundings. The high-jumping athlete appears to jump off the ground and enjoy the sensation of free fall. JR specially added a touch of Hong Kong to the artwork, fusing the traditional architectural craftsmanship of bamboo scaffolding for the first time, instead of relying purely on metal scaffolding.

The “GIANTS: Rising Up” installation will be on display from 13 March to 23 April 2023 at Ocean Terminal Deck at Harbour City Shopping Mall. JR’s optical illusion art and photographic installations are well-known for engaging people in the community, and his works have been shown in over 40 cities with more than 80 impressive exhibitions, including Musée du Louvre in Paris, Palazzo Farnese in Rome, Pyramid of Khafre in Giza, and many more.

Shopping Centers Embracing Art to Attract Visitors

Shopping centers can attract visitors with art installations and creativity, and the “GIANTS: Rising Up” installation is a perfect example of how this can be achieved. By collaborating with renowned artists, shopping centers can create a unique and engaging experience for visitors that sets them apart from their competitors.

Harbour City Shopping Mall’s “GIANTS: Rising Up” installation not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space but also creates a sense of wonder and amazement among visitors.

Art installations have the power to transform a space and create an atmosphere that engages and inspires visitors. By incorporating art into the shopping experience, centers can create a sense of community and connection among visitors. Additionally, they can use social media to promote their installations, encouraging visitors to share photos and videos on their own accounts and attract more foot traffic to the center.

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