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Twister Fun Parks Awarded “Chosen by Moms” Certificate for 2024

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Twister Fun Park playgrounds are honored with the prestigious “Chosen by Moms” certificate for the year 2024 in Croatia, following an independent consumer satisfaction survey.

The research, conducted in mid-December 2023, represents the authentic voice of mothers who, along with their children, experienced Twister playgrounds firsthand.

They diligently assessed all six Twister playgrounds, located in prominent shopping centers such as “Mall of Split” in Split, “Supernova Colosseum” in Slavonski Brod, “Portanova” in Osijek, “Lumini” in Varaždin, “Max City” in Pula, and “Supernova” in Zadar.

Ratings were given based on four key criteria such as:

1. Satisfaction with the Product or Service:

Twister Playgrounds received high marks for providing an exceptional and joyous experience for children, elevating user satisfaction to a commendable level.

2. Product or Service Features:

Mothers recognized the quality and innovation of attractions and content in Twister playgrounds, highlighting them as outstanding compared to their competitors in the market.

3. Perceived Value for Money:

Twister earned praise for offering exceptional value for money while simultaneously providing a safe and exciting environment for children.

4. Intent to Recommend the Product or Service:

Mothers expressed a clear intention to recommend Twister to other families, showing a high level of satisfaction and trust.

Significance of the Certificate:

Even though Twister already attracts over 550,000 children and 700,000 parents annually, this certificate is sure to attract even more visitors, which will also benefit the shopping centers where they are located.

This is significant as Twister is responsible for attracting over 3% of overall foot traffic within shopping centers. The well-known “Chosen by Moms 2024” certificate seals have already been placed on the information counters of all Twister playgrounds to provide families additional confidence in the quality and safety of their brand.

Most importantly, this certificate represents a special honor and acknowledgment bestowed by mothers, renowned for their exceptional sensitivity and careful approach to evaluating products and services.

Twister Playground now proudly joins the ranks of globally recognized brands chosen by mothers which you can view at:

Twister’s Further Growth

For the Twister team, this certification is a confirmation of their dedicated hard work and service quality, giving them great motivation to further improve and expand.

“This outstanding award not only fills us with pride but also serves as additional motivation to continue providing a top-notch play and entertainment experience. Being the first choice for mothers in Croatia is a daily incentive for us to maintain our high standards and to continue to enhance our services” – says Margareta Obrovac, Operations Director – Twsiter Fun Park.

Twister will continue its commitment to providing a safe, creative, and exciting environment for children of all age groups. They will also expand their playgrounds to new locations across Croatia and the region, while also broadening their strategic partnerships with various brands to facilitate cross-promotion.

To find out more about Twister Fun Park visit their official website or follow them on Facebook and  Instagram

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