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UŠĆE Shopping Center Launches it’s own Branded Store!

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UŠĆE Shopping Center is the first shopping center in the SEE region to launch its own branded store called “TVOJE UŠĆE SHOP” selling printed t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, and accessories.

UŠĆE Shopping Center continues to surprise us with innovations in the retail market.

As the retail market is now rapidly evolving, this move shows us how shopping centers are looking for innovative ways to strengthen their bond with customers and overall brand awareness.

The management of UŠĆE Shopping Center highlighted the importance to connect now with customers in the following statement:

“TVOJE UŠĆE SHOP” is more than a store. It’s a connection lasting 11 years. UŠĆE understands you, feels with you, and creates together with you. That’s why UŠĆE Shopping Center launched its own brand shop – to show how united we are and how we speak the same language.


The newly opened UŠĆE shop is located at the Central Square of the mall and is offering its „BEST. EVER.“ collection. The store sells casuals clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, and a variety of accessories with cool trendy slogans.

The collection items were designed by Slavimir Stojanović – FUTRO, a world-renowned graphic designer who was also the creator of the UŠĆE logo. His impressive biography, creative spirit, and emotional connection with the brand created charming designs for the UŠĆE store, with the ultimate goal to engage people to follow their own “vibe” and to be in line with their values.

The motive behind the collection is:

“TAKE IT EASY,” one step at a time towards UŠĆE Shopping Center”.

“Life is a never-ending search. We strive to find and connect with those things that speak about us, that are in line with our values which build our character. Even when we shop, we usually choose things that remind us of what we truly are. Our clothes say a lot about us and that is why shopping is also a journey of self-discovery”, stated UŠĆE Shopping Center management.

It is Time to be Creative

As new malls in Belgrade have opened in 2020 and the pandemic has brought new challenges to the market, UŠĆE Shopping Center understands that now is the time to be creative in order to keep its visitors.

The mall has been the first in the region to introduce personal shopping services in order to connect with its visitors and now with its own brand it aims to maintain its position as the favorite shopping destination in the city.

We believe that UŠĆE shopping center will start a new regional trend, that will inspire other shopping centers to bring new innovations to the market.

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