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Galerija Belgrade is Turning Shopping into an Online Game

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Galerija Belgrade introduced an innovative loyalty program that should inspire shopping centers across the region to use similar technology to draw in customers. The loyalty program app is like a game, that rewards shoppers with points, membership levels and prizes!

Galerija Belgrade is a shopping destination unique in many ways, from its impressive size to its distinctive architecture and location. But what makes it stand out the most is its unique loyalty program, which no other mall in Serbia has implemented before. The loyalty program “Moj Beograd” mobile app allows its members to shop, dine, and have fun while collecting points to receive discounts for future purchases and win prizes.

How does the program work?

The Galerija Belgrade mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, With the app visitors will be able to scan the receipts for purchases made in Galerija Belgrade. The amount on the receipt is equal to the number of points that the member acquires through the app. When at least 25,000 points are collected, the shopper will receive a 500 or more dinar discount on any product they chose to purchase from a selected store.  The shopper just needs to scan the QR code that is prominently displayed at the counter to receive the discount.  A new receipt also brings new points and the points’ balance can be checked each time the app is opened.

Like a Game: More Points – New Membership Levels

Savings through shopping are not the only benefits of the Moj Beograd app. More points collected give the shopper a chance to progress through membership levels, which makes the time spent in Galerija Belgrade more exciting, and the benefits even more significant. As soon as a shopper scans the first receipt, it provides them with the status of a Bronze Membership. After collecting 100,000 points they are promoted to a Silver Member, and with 500,000 points they become a Gold Member.

Winning Prizes: E-Coupons, Gifts, and Event Invitations

Regardless of the membership tier, every time the shopper visits Galerija Belgrade, they win a „Scratch&Win“ e-coupon through the app.

By swiping over the screen, the app will also reveal to the visitor some of the discounts or benefits at the mall, such as information on new store openings or the premiere of a new movie.

Once a month, Galerija Belgrade prepares a surprise gift for its Silver and Gold members – it can be a discount, an invitation to an exclusive presentation of a new collection, the services of a professional stylist, or some other benefit that will make their shopping spree an unforgettable experience.

In addition to all those benefits, Golden members receive a special, personalized birthday gift once a year.

A Shopping Revolution 

2020 has brought many challenges to the retail real estate market, but they can also be seen as opportunities to revolutionize the way shopping centers operate. The old ways of shopping and operating shopping centers are gone! Technology, such as fun mobile apps, is going to become an integral part of the shopping experience. It’s time to get on board and invest in new technology, become more involved in entertaining visitors with personal shoppers and prizes, and introduce something new to the market, just as Galerija Belgrade has.

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