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Taste & Feel the Spirit of the Mediterranean in Beluga Vodka

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Glance at Montenegro through Beluga Adriatic Botanicals – an innovative vodka line infused with locally sourced botanical ingredients.

The Noblewood Group, renowned for the prestigious Beluga vodka brand, has launched its new product line inspired by the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, its nature, ease of living, and spirit.

“It is important for us to launch these products in Montenegro first, in order to emphasize their origin as the starting point for their journey into the world. We are also planning several collaborations with renowned global brands to further promote Montenegro as a luxury destination,” states Noblewood Group.

A Low-Calorie Drink with No Sugar or Gluten

Beluga Adriatic Botanicals is a collection of Beluga vodka infusions with specific natural
fruit and herbal additions, without sugar and gluten, and with fewer calories.

It is available in three different flavors: pear and linden, cucumber mint, and rose lime. This collection stands out with its fresh taste, which comes to the fore in combination
with tonic or soda water and ice.

When creating these products, special attention was paid to the packaging, namely glass bottles in light yellow, light green, and light pink colors adorned with floral ornaments in the Art Nouveau style.

The dark green lids emphasize the natural origin of the product.

“By launching the Beluga Adriatic Botanicals line, we want to emphasize the
values on which the Beluga brand rests, which are unparalleled quality but also a
responsible attitude towards the product and the environment,” says Noblewood Group.

A Vodka Lower in Alcohol Percentage

Increased interest in different fusions and botanical ingredients in the beverage industry inspired the creation of this special product line with a lower ABV of 30%.

The Noblewood Group advocates for the legal and responsible consumption of
alcoholic beverages.

By creating a vodka with a lower alcohol percentage, they are promoting a culture where individuals can make informed decisions about alcohol intake while prioritizing moderation and safety.

“We encourage our consumers to consume responsibly, within their limits, and never drink and drive. We do not support excessive or underage alcohol consumption, and in that sense, we discourage any behavior that may cause harm to any individual”, says Noblewood Group.

Noblewood products are intended for adults of a legal drinking age.

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