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Here is our pick of top innovative events that took place this July within famous shopping centers in the southeast Europe region. We will also discuss why special seasonal events are vital for the success of shopping centers.


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On the 10th of July, Ušće Shopping Center brought an authentic Latino spirit to Serbia’s capital. The shopping center arranged an evening Salsa Party on its outdoor premises, that attracted a large crowd of all genders and ages.

The event started off at 20h with a free dance class led by professional dance studio  Al Centro Salsa and continued with a big party that lasted until midnight with the beats of famous DJ Mañana.

Due to its great success, Ušće Shopping Center will repeat the Salsa event on the 12th of September.

Ušće Shopping Center is well known for its rich entertainment program. Take a look at some memorable events the mall has organized this year HERE.


The largest shopping center in Zagreb, Arena Center, decided to keep it cool this summer by hosting a Hula Party for kids on the 14th of July.  Kids were able to enjoy a full on Hawaiian experience just like in the movies, with an exotic TIKI bar serving children’s cocktails. themed music and dance. The event offered many fun craft activities including the making of hula skirts, masks and even ice cream.

The Hula Party will be repeated on the 11th of August and is part of a larger children’s program Arena Center is hosting this summer.

To view the full entertainment summer program for kids within Arena Center click HERE.


Recently opened ADA MALL in Belgrade hosted from the 12th to the 14th of July a Zen Oasis event, also marketed as Days without Stress.  The event was arranged in collaboration with the Holistic Academy Maya, bringing together a variety of professionals in the field of holistic therapy for the mind, body, and spirit.

Visitors of the mall were able to learn about different relaxation and stress relief techniques, as well as to hear about Feng shui, Crystals, Astrology, and Energy medicine.

The event thought visitors how to draw mandalas, fractals, paint with spices, and make flower ornaments. Some were given a chance to try out Thai massages, Reiki, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Pilates, Kin Jo, and much more.

Of particular interest was the Quantum Zone – a capsule for measuring people’s biological age, biorhythm, and energy levels in which they were able to discover details about their health.

The event also included a special kids program for play and entertainment.

All this was accompanied with relaxing background music, offering exotic drum beats and soothing tunes of the violin and gong.


The leading shopping center in Montenegro, Delta City, invited on the 26th to the 28th of July the top international street art performers that were part of the famous InArt Festival in Montenegro.

During the weekend visitors were able to see circus-like performances by the most talented street performers of today. Performers included Pilko Pilko, Companie Depaso (CHL & IT), Vojo Cvetanovsa, and Peppino Marabita.

Performances ranged from diverse juggling techniques, partner dance, comedy, mime to even magic tricks.


Special seasonal event entertainment programs in the retail business are on the rise on a global scale. With the rise of competition and e-commerce, shopping centers recognize the importance of investing in entertainment and leisure events in order to maintain and increase visitor numbers. Special entertainment events are known to positively impact shopping center patrons’ behaviors, creating excitement and satisfaction that ultimately can lead to an increase in unplanned purchases.

To stay ahead of the changing times in the retail market, shopping centers are focusing on creating valuable and memorable experiences to maintain customer loyalty and popularity. Thanks to mobile technology and social media, these experiences are captured and shared by visitors, increasing the audience reach that can lead to attracting new customers.

This is why it is vital for shopping centers to always stay innovative with their marketing efforts. The retail business is very much about the psychology of people and keeping the customer surprised and excited with special events is the key to the success of every retail property.

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