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Open4Sale App Offering a Live, Interactive Video Shopping Experience

Check out the all-in-one shopping app that offers users personal interaction with in-store sales staff and allows retailers to cater to millions of online shoppers worldwide.

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Open4Sale, the only complete virtual shopping experience from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, delivers the first app that lets retailers connect with shoppers seamlessly — all in one spot. Shoppers watch, interact, discover, and purchase goods in an enjoyable and personalized way that goes far beyond a static website or other shopping apps.

This easy-to-use, all-in-one app merges the online and physical store shopping experience by delivering a proprietary, patented technology platform that combines live chat, video, streaming, and instant payments that integrate to existing retail POS and e-commerce backend systems.

“The best thing about shopping in a brick-and-mortar store is being able to get that personalized attention and see the products up close,” said Simon La Barrie, CEO and founder of Open4Sale. “Our app essentially brings online shoppers into the store without ever leaving their homes. This helps retailers better serve customers who might be hesitant to buy a product because they have questions, can’t fully see it online, or are having trouble finding exactly what they’re looking for. Our app utilizes globally patented technology that gives shoppers that full in-store experience all the way to a safe and secure check out, while helping retailers boost sales.”

A Superior, Fun Online Shopping Experience

Now more than ever, online shopping is key to maximizing retail sales. In recognition of slumping sales and poor online shopping experiences, Open4Sale combines familiar video and online streaming technologies into one platform that delivers increased online traffic and revenue to retailers.

Retailers can expand globally with a seamless, interactive, trustworthy app that connects to their inventory systems. The result is retailers that thrive by connecting and selling to shoppers anywhere in the world in a seamless and personal way. Shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for from their favorite merchants as if they were shopping in person. They are assisted by a real store associate and can drag and drop selections, chat with and video call associates, group shop with friends and family, attend special events, and much more.

Expanding Worldwide

Open4Sale has created what no other technology company has achieved before: a platform that brings together consumers and retailers in a live, online shopping experience via a one-stop app. The success of the intelligent retail software is years in the making, backed by Open4Sale’s world-patented technology.

Open4Sale already has U.S. and international granted patents and trademarks (Australia, China, Singapore), while being compliant with U.S. and international banking regulations and global payments. Additionally, patents have been filed for over 200 country jurisdictions including Europe.

In 2008, the initial concept design won the first Australian New Innovation Award. In 2019, a proof-of-concept app called HelpJess included a worldwide social campaign and live event where retail giants Nordstrom, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters reached hundreds of shoppers worldwide. In 2020, thanks to the maturation of technology that aligned with the company’s vision, Open4Sale held its first flash-sales event with livestreaming and e-commerce payments via the app. Over 2,000 worldwide shoppers attended the 30-minute event, producing $50,000 in sales.

Learn more about Open4Sale Here

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