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Amazon Style Revolutionizing the Physical Fashion Store Experience

Amazon gives us a sneak peek at their first physical fashion store concept “Amazon Style“ which combines new technologies and operations to create a new way of shopping.

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The new store concept presents a whole new way of shopping as it combines innovative technologies and operations to create a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

The first Amazon Style store will open later this year at The Americana at Brand, a top shopping destination in greater Los Angeles.

A new way to shop and discover

Amazon Style will aim to offer a seamless and elevated shopping experience. Using the Amazon Shopping app, customers will be able to simply scan an item’s QR code to see sizes, colors, overall customer ratings, and additional product details. With the tap of a button, shoppers will be able to add the item to a fitting room or send it directly to the pickup counter.

Amazon claims that its new store concept will be able to offer more selection than a traditional store of its size without requiring customers to sift through racks to find the right color, size, and fit. Amazon Style will feature display items, bringing more looks and less clutter to in-store shopping.

Amazon Style is built around personalization

Amazon Style fitting rooms have touch screen displays that will offer personalized recommendations

Their machine learning algorithms can produce tailored, real-time recommendations for each customer as they shop. As customers browse the store and scan items that catch their eye, Amazon will recommend picks just for them. For an even more tailored experience, customers will be able to share information to the app like their style, fit, and other preferences to receive more refined recommendations.

Even shopping for deals will be personalized and convenient. Customers will be able to easily view deals in store that match their preferences right in the Amazon Shopping app.

A reimagined fitting room

Amazon Style Fitting Rooms

Amazon Style completely reimagined what is possible in the fitting room, turning it into a personalized space where customers can continue to shop a seemingly endless closet of great styles. When future shoppers enter their fitting room, they will be able to find the items they requested while browsing the store, plus additional options that will be chosen for them based on their preferences.

Customers will be able to continue shopping from their fitting room without having to leave. Using the touchscreen, they will be able to rate items to get new picks in real-time and request more styles and sizes to be delivered to their fitting room closet in just minutes. This fast delivery will be made possible by Amazon Style’s on-site operations, with advanced technologies and processes used in Amazon fulfillment centers.

Hundreds of brands and thousands of styles under one roof

Amazon Style Interior

Amazon Style will house an unmatched selection of fashion items using the expertise of fashion curators and feedback provided by millions of customers shopping on Shoppers will find great looks at a broad range of prices, including trend-inspired pieces at affordable price points and sought-after styles that will become wardrobe staples.

With Amazon’s vast fulfillment center network, the selection at Amazon Style will be frequently updated so customers can discover new items each time they visit. From customer favorites and Amazon exclusives to brands that are new and noteworthy, Amazon will make these styles available for customers to touch, try on, and take home.

The best of shopping in-store and online

Amazon Style will offer Amazon’s wide selection of fashion, the convenience of seeing and trying on items, and the same great prices found on

Here are some of the ways Amazon will make it easy to shop, whether in-store or online:

Discover in-store, buy online. In addition to Amazon Style’s wide selection of items which will be available for in-store purchase, customers will be able to easily find and shop more styles online.

Keep shopping after you leave the store. Items scanned at Amazon Style will be conveniently saved in the Amazon Shopping app, making it easy to revisit and purchase at a later time or easily find more items online from the new brands discovered in the store.

Shop millions of items online, try on in-store. Customers will be able to shop millions of apparel items on, request delivery to Amazon Style, in order to try on items in a fitting room. If an item isn’t perfect, customers will be able to return it in-store and get a refund.

Great prices. Amazon is known for great prices, and Amazon Style is no exception. In-store prices will be the same as on Plus, customers will be able to view deals in-store that match their preferences right in the Amazon Shopping app.

Reinventing Physical Retail

Although Amazon Style will open later this year in the USA, we believe this new store concept will serve as an inspiration to many retailers worldwide on how new technologies, optimized operations, and online retail can be combined to improve the overall shopping experience.

Source: AMAZON

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