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Sune: A New Livestream Shopping App for Gen Z

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A new livestream shopping app “sune” has been released to redefine how younger generations discover products from remarkable brands through a personalized video feed.

Sune, a next-generation experiential shopping platform, announced the official launch of its beta mobile app. Through engaging and entertaining videos and livestreams, sune is a uniquely fun and inspiring way to discover new products, makers, and brands.

In the months ahead, sune will begin to introduce lovable creator personalities and a collection of remarkable and undiscovered brands, while rolling out a calendar of live product drops. It’s an entire ecosystem that offers the opportunity for users to go on their own journey of inspiration and self-discovery through shopping.

Designed to integrate video entertainment with traditional online and in-app shopping, sune will offer consumers a more engaging and productive way to browse. On sune, the makers, founders, inventors, and creators innovating product categories will give users a front-row seat to high-quality video and livestream content that bring their stories to life in new ways. Consumers can purchase products directly within their feed and tune into their favorite influencers and content creators to explore everything from cult favorites to exclusive limited-edition items.

Brian Beitler, Founder of sune and General Manager of Live Shop Ventures LLC stated: 

Unlike other shopping apps, sune’s mission is to provide a joyful, inspirational, and relaxing experience, where users can easily connect and directly engage with remarkable ‘under-discovered’ products from new and emerging brands, and ultimately witness entertaining content based on their personal shopping preferences.

A New Shopping App Created for Gen Z

Rooted in the consumer’s – notably Gen Z – desire for more seamless on-demand live shopping experiences, sune was custom-built to provide a new way to explore and window shop for products.

In the coming months, each user’s in-app experience will be customized to their preferences and purchase history, with personalized recommendations and filters. In just a few taps, customers can discover new products or get inspiration on what to buy, all tailored to their interests, and then shop for those items directly.

Brian Beitler added: 

Our goal, as the beta version of sune evolves, is to elevate mission-driven brands to share their stories and products, while offering new ways for the younger generations to shop by leveraging live and live-like video commerce.

For brand founders, hosts – or “sunesetters” – and influencers, sune offers the opportunity to foster authentic connections and enhance discovery and engagement. As sune sellers, brands can manage their assortment, inventory, pricing, and shipping costs and maintain full control over their storefronts. Additionally, brands will have access to sune’s proprietary in-house live studio software, remote co-hosting model, and can receive guidance on video creation to set themselves up for success.

The sune beta app is currently available for iPhone users and can be downloaded via the Apple Store for free. Customers can make purchases directly in-app from multiple brands across the platform.

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