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Fast Food will Go Through a Major Change

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Redefine Meat, a company that produces 3D-printed alt meat is planning a massive European expansion mid this year. The alt meat products will first enter Israel, Germany, and Switzerland, before moving into Asian and US markets.

Redefine Meat stated that its products will first expand through restaurants, butcher shops, and other food services, followed by retail stores and supermarkets in 2022.

The World Economic forum published on their website that they are working on a project called Meat the Future. The project is part of their 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which is engaging leading environment and food security experts, business leaders, governments, civil society, investors, and technology innovators from around the world to accelerate changes in meat production.

Solutions range from improving the sustainability of current production to the advancement of alternative proteins, to changes in behavior; however even within these pathways there is no silver bullet and approaches will need substantial tailoring to local contexts, cultures and environments. To truly deliver on the protein needs of tomorrow’s population will require unprecedented collaboration across all pathways, based on the common objective of delivering universally accessible and affordable, healthy and sustainable protein to a population of ten billion but attuned to taking different approaches in different geographies and cultures, stated on the World Economic Forum website.

Fast Food will Change

Considering that global leaders are widely speaking about environmental and sustainability issues in 2021, and major investments are being made in 3d printing, we could expect very soon for alternative meat products to become a norm in our local restaurants and supermarkets.

We can only predict that the prices of natural meat will go up in the future as alternative meat products expand globally, which will certainly affect the menu of fast-food giants we all love.

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