January 31, 2018

Suzana Z.

Development & Franchising department

CALZEDONIA DANUBE d.o.o. is direct branche of Group Calzedonia from March 2016. in charge for development of brands Calzedonia, Intimissimi and Tezenis in Serbia.
At this moment in Serbia we are present with 10 stores ( 5 Calzedonia, 4 Intimissimi and 1 Tezenis).

Our target is development all around Serbia on high street locations, shopping malls.

CALZEDONIA GROUP was founded in 1986 close to Verona, Italy, with the aim of creating a new way of selling hosiery and beachwear to women, men and children through a sales network of franchise stores. The success of the Calzedonia Group is the result of a number of factors: the wide variety of its products, the particular atention paid to trends and an unbeatable quality - price ratio.

CALZEDONIA Group is now with an annual income of over € 2,1 bn, , company registered an increase of approximately 5% in just one year.
Calzedonia Group has about 32.000 employees around the world, 91% of whom are women and 67% aged under 30.
The Group manufactures socks, tights, stockings and underware in Italy, mainly in Easter Europe and Sri Lanka.
The Calzedonia Group, with its capillary network of more than 4.200 stores , is active in 45 countries, in the heart of all the mail cities such as Milan, Rome,Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Barcelona,Athens,Lisbon, Wien, Prague, Istanbul,Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Sao Paolo....

CALZEDONIA the first brand of The Group, since 1986 it has succeeded in each collection to represent the latest trends in hosiery and swimwear, for women, men, children, with the ability to guarantee quality at an accessible price.
At present it has more then 2.000 stores in over 40 countries of which about 600 are in Italy. (

INTIMISSIMI in 1996, it was time to indulge the dream of breaking away from everyday underware with the lingerie of Intimissimi. The italian brand for women , man that expresses sophisticated , sensual and romantic style in a refined language, without excess or exaggeration.
Brand is active in over 35 countries, about 1.390 stores , over 500 in Italy. (

TEZENIS is a young, trendsetting underware brand born in 2003. with a cool spirit that pays close attention to what is new in fashion and what everyone is talking about on social networks. Tezenis introduces new collections every two months with the latest trends in underware, knightware and easyware for women, men and children. At present there are over 550 stores in 23 countries including Italy. (

Balkan Master shp, Albanian fashion retailer, has this month opened two new Tezenis and Calzedonia franchise stores within Tirana East Gate (TEG) shopping center in Tirana, Albania.

by Retail SEE Group - December 16, 2016

Calzedonia Croatia d.o.o, local franchise partner of the Italian swimwear and clothing brand Calzedonia, has opened a new store on the 31st of October within Dalmare Shopping Center in Sibenik, Croatia.

by Retail SEE Group - November 10, 2015

Astir d.o.o., official representative of the Italian hosiery and beachwear label Calzedonia for Serbia, has opened on the 24th of April its new store within Stadion Shopping Center in Belgrade.

by Retail SEE Group - April 27, 2015

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