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MPC Properties Acquires Delta City Shopping Center in Belgrade

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MPC Properties, a regional leader in construction and real estate management, has acquired one of the most popular shopping centers in Belgrade, Delta City.

This acquisition has further strengthened MPC’s retail real estate portfolio in Belgrade consisting of:

  1. UŠĆE Shopping Center, the most visited shopping center in Serbia and the Balkan region;
  2. BEO Shopping Center, a new shopping destination that opened in June last year;
  3. Mercator Center, the first modern shopping center in Belgrade;
  4. Immo Outlet Center, a favorite outlet destination for families across the city.

MPC Properties has a very long history in building, investing, developing, acquiring, and managing commercial real estate. It currently owns and manages an impressive portfolio of business facilities and shopping malls, built to the highest world standards and in the best urban locations. The company’s portfolio is also efficient and sustainable, with 95% of its total portfolio certified to the highest standards of green building by LEED and BREEAM.

In addition to retail properties, the company also has an exclusive portfolio of office buildings, including Ušće Tower One and Ušće Tower Two business centers, Navigator Business Complex, TLD Belgrade, and Plaza Prima.

Delta City to Experience an Upgrade

Delta City in Belgrade

Delta City is one of the most visited shopping centers, not only in Belgrade but in the whole of Serbia. Its uniqueness attracts a large number of visitors, who have been loyal customers since its very opening in 2007. By adding this successful center to its portfolio, MPC will now have the opportunity to use its expertise and best practices to improve and upgrade the Delta City shopping experience.

“By purchasing Delta City shopping center, MPC Properties is now able to offer its tenants and business partners the best market conditions for business development. We are a reliable business partner as we have long-term expertise in developing and managing the largest retail and office project portfolio in the country. We offer a well-coordinated team of international and domestic experts, as well as the widest network of international and regional brands. But above all we make sure our project portfolio is stable and sustainable. With this acquisition, our retail network has five shopping centers and this makes us the absolute retail real estate leader in the domestic market and beyond, “said CEO of MPC Properties Maxence Liagre.

In order to achieve a unique shopping experience for its mall visitors, MPC Properties recently launched a mobile loyalty app Tvoj Centar, which connects its three shopping centers UŠĆE, BEO, and Mercator. The app allows visitors to collect points whenever they visit the malls, which they can later exchange for exclusive gifts and discounts. Delta City shopping center will soon be added to this application, which will further increase the mall’s attractiveness, as well as the quality and scope of the mobile platform Tvoj Center.

Sustainability, Health, and Safety

MPC Properties – UŠĆE Towers and UŠĆE Shopping Center

It is important to emphasize that MPC Properties is one of the pioneers and promoters of green building in the domestic market, which is confirmed by the fact that they own as many as three facilities designed and built to the highest world standards of green building. Navigator Business Center 1 and 2 were built according to LEED Gold standard and UŠĆE Tower Two was built according to BREEAM standard.

Each subsequent project of the company is further improved and pushes the boundaries of the domestic real estate market. The next step for MPC is to introduce a Well Health and Safety certification for its entire portfolio. This certificate is especially important now during the Covid-19 pandemic because it represents the best world practices that contribute to the well-being of the entire community.

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