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Immofinanz Expanding Electric Car Chargers Across Serbia

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IMMOFINANZ is installing high-performance electric car chargers in all of their STOP SHOP retail parks across Serbia.

Austrian company IMMOFINANZ has decided to upgrade its 14 STOP SHOP retail parks across Serbia by installing electric car chargers. The first high-performance chargers have already been installed in STOP SHOP retail parks in Vršac, Lazarevac, Požarevac, and Sremska Mitrovica. Their remaining retail parks in Serbia will be equipped with chargers up to 120 KW by the beginning of next year.

Interest in electric cars or hybrid vehicles is growing in Serbia. The electric chargers in STOP SHOP retail parks have the potential to become a turning point in the spread of electromobility to smaller towns.

Maja Marić, Manager of the STOP SHOP brand in Serbia, explained:

The idea is to offer our customers the option to use electricity, in order to reduce CO2. Our retail parks are affordable and provide large parking spaces, and we are further developing our competitive advantage by introducing modern e-stations. Now visitors of STOP SHOP  will be able to shop at favorable prices and have the option to comfortably recharge their electric cars.

STOP SHOP Požarevac
STOP SHOP Požarevac – Electric Car Charger

This innovative service is IMMOFINANZ’s next step towards modern and sustainable shopping. The company attaches great importance to promoting the use of renewable energy as part of its zero net emission business strategy.

In Serbia, IMMOFINANZ is a member of the Green Building Council of Serbia. This is an organization that encourages changes in urban planning, real estate design, construction, and renovation to lead us toward a more sustainable future. The Serbian STOP SHOP retail park portfolio is also BREEAM certified, which is currently one of the most important methods for setting Green Building standards.

STOP SHOP Portfolio

STOP SHOP is a brand of retail parks by IMMOFINANZ in Central and Eastern Europe. Each retail park covers a catchment area o ​​30,000 to 150,000 inhabitants and offers a wide range of affordable brands. With its good traffic connections as well as spacious parking, STOP SHOP targets practical, smart shoppers, who value easily accessible locations.

IMMOFINANZ STOP SHOP portfolio, with the latest acquisitions, includes 99 retail parks in nine countries. They are located in Slovakia (16), Slovenia (14), Hungary (14), Austria (13), Serbia (14), Czech Republic (12), Poland (10), Croatia (4), Italy (1) and Romania (1).


IMMOFINANZ is a commercial real estate investment and development company whose activities are focused on eight major European markets: Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and the Adriatic region, including Serbia.

The company’s main activities include real estate management and development. Its project portfolio includes STOP SHOP retail parks, VIVO! shopping centers and myhive office spaces. With a new On Top Living brand, IMMOFINANZ is now expanding its business into the field of sustainable and affordable living.

Read more: IMMOFINANZ Launching a New Residential Brand called „On Top Living“.

The company owns a real estate portfolio worth about 5.4 billion EUR, which includes more than 220 buildings.

IMMOFINANZ is on the stock exchanges in Vienna (leading AT index) and Warsaw.

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