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Ada Mall Receives Gold Leed Certificate

ADA MALL, a shopping center developed by GTC S.A., received the GOLD LEED certificate which proves the company’s leadership in the field of sustainable construction.

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The LEED certification is the highest environmental construction rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council and is officially a global symbol of energy-sustainable solutions in the industry to protect the environment.

Improving the Quality of Life for All

The management of GTC S.A. believes that “green” buildings are the foundation for improving the quality of life of people, communities, and cities.

But the company’s efforts and cooperation on “green” construction projects are much more than just the type of materials they use. GTC S.A. always goes beyond architecture itself, focusing on the real needs of modern society and environmental trends.

ADA MALL, also known in Belgrade as a “green” shopping center, can be proud to have received the GOLD LEED certificate, which once again clearly indicates the strong business profile of GTC S.A. It provides the company an even greater motivation to continue with the development of real estate projects in Central and Eastern Europe on a higher level.

In its architectural solution, ADA MALL shopping center uses construction and high-tech solutions that increase the comfort of shopping, creating an unforgettable consumer experience without a negative impact on the environment.

This is achieved through:

• the maximum use of daylight,
• providing the largest possible amount of fresh air,
• use of modern individually controlled heating and air conditioning systems,
• use of efficient energy solutions for thermal insulation,
• adherence to the highest construction standards in the field of environmental protection,
• special care and protection of green areas.

Ecology is Now a Hot Topic

GTC S.A. stated that we are witnessing, that consumers themselves are looking for ways to reduce their share of carbon dioxide emissions as well. Hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, energy-efficient lighting has become standard, and the performance and efficiency of “smart” batteries are reaching their maximum. We see that these trends are also reflected in the business of tenants, shareholders, and financial institutions.

Therefore, one of the strategic goals of GTC is to constantly strive to increase the level of business sustainability while reducing the impact on the environment. The “green” initiative, globally, means that new, higher standards of construction, quality, and ecology need to be addressed before investments are made into new facilities.

Ecology is now a hot topic – the climate is changing, the world economy is exploring ways to use natural resources more efficiently, renewable energy sources are more important than ever.

“We believe that every human being on the planet should have safe and healthy places to live, work, study, and play. Long and healthy life is no longer a privilege – it is a right for all of us. The places where we spend 90% of our time should support our health and well-being. Improving the living conditions we deserve as human beings, which create higher productivity, play more than ever in encouraging companies to invest in green buildings, ”said Alex Linchev, CEO of Ada Mall, which operates within the GTC S.A. portfolio.

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