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Monthly Archives: June, 2019

Balfin Group Launches a New Online platform in Albania

Balfin Group, one of the largest private investment groups southeast Europe region, has launched an e-commerce platform Aladini, which aims to narrow the gap...

Westgate Shopping City Welcomes Four New Tenants

Westgate Shopping City, a top-performing shopping center in Zaprešić, Croatia, has recently welcomed a new line-up of brands: Alma Ras, Idexe, BIMA, and Möbel Land.


Cineplexx, the strongest cinema chain in South Eastern Europe, celebrated on the 11th of June the start of construction of its first multiplex cinema in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Sephora, a world-famous beauty store chain, reopened its flagship store in UŠĆE Shopping Center on the 7th of June, following a major renovation.
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Mistakes of Retailers which went Bankrupt in 2020!

According to Forbes over 160 retail companies filed for bankruptcy in 2020. It is easy to assume that the pandemic destroyed these companies, but maybe their failure to adapt to changing trends has been the main cause of their troubles. Let us analyze some popular bankrupt retailers to learn from their mistakes. 

How Retail Changed in the Balkans in 2020?

It might have seemed like a slow year, but many things have changed in retail since the pandemic started. This is especially true for retail in the Balkan region, as the e-commerce market here was always underdeveloped compared to the west.

Smart Gadgets that Will Transform Retail in 2021!

As we are entering a technological revolution, here is a list of three technologies that will impact the retail market in 2021. It is time to prepare for change.

How to Make Shopping Centers Desirable Places in 2021?

Maxence Liagre, CEO of MPC Properties, shares with us his insights on how to get visitors back to shopping centers in 2021!