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Stadion Shopping Center Celebrates a New Store and New Mural

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Stadion Shopping Center surprised its visitors this December with a new Decorama store and a new funny mural to raise awareness on bad parking habits.

Decorama Store Opening 

Decorama is a Serbian home décor retail chain that opened a new store on the 2nd floor of Stadion Shopping Center in Belgrade.

The new store consists of 243 sqm and offers a wide range of home decor goods by a variety of brands, including their own in-house labels. International brands of glass, kitchen accessories, and home decor items include Pashabahce, Bohemia, Rocco Bormioli, Kaveh, Cerve, and many others.

What Would Your Mother Say?

Stadion Shopping Center teamed up with the representatives of Roma Company and marketing agency SVA to design, launch and implement a socially responsible campaign, which aims to raise awareness and bring positive change to the negative habits of drivers.

Inappropriate parking in places reserved for people with disabilities or for families with children is unfortunately something we see more often in the city. This phenomenon is especially noticeable within shopping centers before the holiday season when the number of visitors increases significantly.

This winter, in the garage of the Stadion Shopping Center, on the -1 level at the very entrance to the mall, a big mural was created titled “What would your mother say?“.

This mural in a witty and direct manner invites drivers to think twice before they chose to park on a spot reserved for people with disabilities or for families with children.

Aleksandar Bojić, Manager of Stadion Shopping Center, stated during the completion of the mural:

The main message behind the conceptual design is very effective and we immediately recognized it as the perfect solution to a problem we face every day. This campaign supports the family and it is absolutely aligned with our business goals, because we are first and foremost a family shopping center that promotes family values and moral behavior.

Ivana Petković, Creative Director of SVA, explained what the campaign meant to their agency:

Our campaign is the most beautiful way to end 2022, because it allows us to creatively express what we tell our clients every day – that in the field of communications we try to find a solution and change the behavior of individuals.

With new openings and innovative socially responsible campaigns, Stadion shopping center continues to strengthen its position as a leading neighborhood shopping center in Belgrade.

Find out more about Stadion Shopping Center:

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