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TikTok to Become a Major Player in Retail

TikTok social media app, owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, is testing a new service that allows retailers to sell goods directly to users.

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With 1.65 billion downloads worldwide, 100 million daily users in Europe, and 40 percent of Gen Z shopping on social media, TikTok is now a top-trending social media platform with huge potential for retailers to market and sell their products.

The company has already partnered with a selection of brands in Europe to test out this new online sales service. For instance, British streetwear label Hype is one of the first brands to gain access to the new functionality, which will allow it to display a range of items with product images and prices on a TikTok shop page.

Although TikTok itself will not handle sales, brands will be able to run dedicated shops within the TikTok ecosystem, receive orders, and communicate with shoppers. The trial is currently running for a selected group of users.

Social Media Platforms Taking Over Retail

Retail has changed significantly due to the rise of social commerce, and influencer marketing is becoming a bigger part of the overall marketing mix as a result.

Facebook has already recognized this opportunity and has invested in developing features for retailers to sell their products on Facebook and Instagram apps.

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