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GALERIA Shopping Mall’s Success with Solar Power Energy

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GALERIA Shopping Mall, one of the biggest malls in the Kosovo region, has saved 1900 trees in just one year by installing a rooftop solar power system in June 2021.

We all know that shopping malls are huge and modern structures that require tremendous amounts of energy. Nowadays international and local investors are embracing many sustainable and cost-effective solutions in order to decrease their negative impact on the environment.

GALERIA Shopping Mall is one of those malls that took action last year and installed a photovoltaic system on its roof. The solar power system spreads over 4.500 sqm where
2.410 photovoltaic panels are placed with a capacity of 1012.20 kWp.

Decreasing Pollution and Gas Consumption

The solar power system implemented on the rooftop of GALERIA Shopping Mall
produced 1290Mwh during the period of one-year reducing gas consumption and easing the burden of electricity supply. Most importantly it decreased 0.02% of the pollution in the entire country.

GALERIA is a leading shopping mall to set an example of how retail properties can protect the climate and well-being of its community, by using innovative technologies to decrease gas consumption and eliminate environmental pollutants.

Additionally, another eco-solution that operates in the mall is an electric vehicle charging station whose overall use is increasing day by day.

GALERIA Shopping Mall stands that using solar systems and EV charging stations are the best solutions now to maintain a clean environment that prevents climate change.

More about GALERIA Shopping Mall HERE and contact for leasing.

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