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MPC Properties Receives “WELL HEALTH-SAFETY” Certificate

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MPC Properties is the first company in Serbia to receive the “WELL Health-Safety” certificate for a portfolio of eight business and retail assets awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).


The “WELL Health-Safety” certificate is by an independent institution that awards new and existing buildings that implement within their operational management policies necessary maintenance standards and contingency plans to ensure a safe, healthy and secure environment for all users. This is especially important now considering the current situation with the covid-19 pandemic.

The buildings that are part of the MPC Properties portfolio and which received this globally significant certificate are UŠĆE Shopping Centre, BEO Shopping Centre, Mercator Centre Belgrade, Immo Outlet Centre, as well as the business centres UŠĆE Tower One and Tower Two and Navigator Business Centres 1 and 2.

BEO Shopping Center in Belgrade by MPC Properties

CEO of MPC Properties Maxence Liagre stated:

We are proud that we have the opportunity to bring the best world practices to this market and that we are the first company in Serbia that received the prestigious “WELL Health-Safety” certificate for its portfolio, which contributes to a healthier future for everyone. Our policy of business management puts the health and safety of users and visitors of our buildings in first place because their satisfaction is the basis of our business. Therefore, it is extremely important to us that the quality of our buildings and the safety of staying in them, as well as the comfort they provide, are at the highest possible level. This certificate is only a confirmation of the vision to create a healthier environment for the community formed around our assets.

UŠĆE Shopping Center in Belgrade by MPC Properties

Rachel Hodgdon, CEO of IWBI added:

Thanks to companies like MPC Properties, which are, first and foremost, committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for their users, they are also contributing to making this certification more popular and important worldwide. This is a very significant and important achievement for a business system, and I would like to congratulate MPC for making a significant contribution to better buildings and the very environments in which they operate.

Certificates are important because the quality of the assets is improved through the very process of implementing the necessary steps to gain them. Optimal comfort of space is achieved with an adequate selection of equipment and by applying the correct mode of operation of the technical systems. As a result, it contributes to reducing the consumption of electrical energy and water, reduces the harmful impact on the environment, reduces the emission of harmful gases, reduces waste and protects watercourses. This all together ensures a healthy environment for employees and users of facilities.

UŠĆE Towers in Belgrade by MPC Properties

All this contributes in a chain manner to the preservation of collective health, but also sets an example for professionals and the general public about the importance and benefits of applied green construction.

Marija Golubović, ENERGO Partner, IWBI Research advisor added:

As a Belgrader I am proud of having these projects in our city, showing local leadership by following worldwide trends on wellbeing within buildings. I loved working on this project with the MPC Properties team, and we are all fond of this project, especially because of its care for the community and users of the buildings,  which is needed now more than ever before.

The “WELL Health-Safety” certificate was created to empower and motivate owners of large and small companies to take all the necessary steps to ensure the implementation of the highest health and safety standards and protocols for their buildings.

The importance of this certificate is also confirmed by the fact that it has been applied in facilities in more than 80 countries worldwide.  Over 16,000 people from 97 countries are dedicated and engaged in WELL certification, working together to ensure the highest level of quality of stay in closed buildings.

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