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Sofia Ring Mall Welcomes the First UBB Cashless Bank in Bulgaria

United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) opened an entirely new generation branch in Bulgaria within Sofia Ring Mall.

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This is the first UBB cashless branch in the territory of Bulgaria and it is located on the first floor of Sofia Ring mall, consisting of 160 sqm.

UBB Branch in Sofia Ring Mall

The Future of Banking

The cashless bank working hours are from 10 am to 10 pm Monday to Sunday.

Without waiting in line, in the self-service area, customers are now able to quickly withdraw and deposit money using the latest generation of ATMs. In addition, customers are now saving money on fees for cash transactions and deposits through an ATM that is free of charge.

UBB Branch Interior in Sofia Ring Mall

Access to a demo version of mobile banking is provided on special mobile devices, through which the services and products of UBB can be accessed quickly, easily, and conveniently.

The new bank concept was launched in order to create a full and accessible user experience in an open, cozy, and modern interior. The whole process of the project implementation lasted 8 months.

UBB Branch Sofia Ring Mall

Sofia Ring Mall Following World Trends

The opening of the new UBB branch and more than 17 new stores in recent months, proves the importance of Sofia Ring Mall in the Bulgarian retail market. The mall has established itself as a place that fully meets the new standards for health and safety while offering the highest level of shopping and leisure facilities.

The fact that United Bulgarian Bank chose Sofia Ring Mall as the home for its first new-generation branch, confirms that the mall has become the leading shopping center in Bulgaria, which follows and introduces the newest  global commercial trends and offers to its visitors a world-class shopping experience

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Nevena Kostic
Nevena Kostic
Nevena Kostic is a retail real estate expert that worked as a retail consultant since 2006, leasing out shopping centers and helping out international retailers expand in the SEE region. In 2013 she founded, with an aim to promote real estate projects and retail companies to the international business real estate community.

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