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The First Retail Park in Bor to Open in 2023

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The first retail park in the Serbian town Bor is under construction and planned to be completed by the end of 2023.

Exciting Transformation in Bor

A former “Zastava” car industry showroom, which had long been left deserted, is undergoing a remarkable transformation in Bor. Soon, it will be reborn as a dynamic retail park of 4,000 square meters housing renowned brands such as DM, Sinsay, Pepco, Super dr Max, Woby Haus, along with the retail chain “Maxi” and Admiral Casino.

Empowering the Local Community

Nebojša Radović, co-owner of “Bor Properties,” expressed enthusiasm for offering Bor residents the convenience of shopping locally for products they previously had to seek in neighboring cities. According to him the concept of the retail park is designed to provide a one-stop destination for fulfilling all shopping requirements.

Promising Job Opportunities

A particularly noteworthy aspect of this venture is the employment opportunities it will create, especially for around 100 individuals, particularly women.

The positive impact extends beyond shopping: by retaining spending within Bor and generating local employment, the project contributes to the city’s economy and overall development.

City Transformation

Mayor Aleksandar Milikić, while touring the construction site, emphasized the positive impact of the project on the city’s appearance. The revitalized space not only promises a modern shopping experience but also marks the end of decades-long visual blight in the heart of the city.

Upcoming Enhancements

As the project progresses, plans are in place to enhance the parking area and create a children’s playground. Starting from October, the retail outlets will be gradually opened, with the final store expected to be launched by the end of the year, completing the transformation of Bor’s new shopping haven.

Retail Park Bor – A Positive Change

The transformation of the former “Zastava” showroom into a thriving retail park is set to bring vibrancy to Bor. With a diverse range of brands and facilities, coupled with positive impacts on the local economy and job market, this development promises to reshape the city’s landscape and provide its residents with a modern and convenient shopping destination.

Source: RTV Bor

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