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Why Small Retailers are Losing Customers & How to Stop It?

Small retailers are losing potential customers because they lack the convenience Gen Z and Millennials expect, according to new research by GoDaddy.

Luxury Fashion Market: 3 Trends Driving Growth from 2023 to 2028

The luxury fashion market is projected to double in value by 2028, all thanks to 3 key trends revealed in Ariston's latest report.

Influencer Marketing Trends 2023 by Mintel Research

Influencer marketing trends in 2023 are explored in Mintel's new research report, highlighting the importance of generational preferences, platform dynamics, and creative adaptation.

How to Advertise to Gen Z Consumers in 2023?

Gen Z expects advertising to be purpose-driven, unobtrusive, and entertaining according to a new survey by NCSolutions 

New Research: Do Gen Z’s Care about the Metaverse?

New research from Cassandra reveals that 7 in 10 Gen Z's are interested in the Metaverse and how it will impact their future.

Marketing to Gen Z: Subcultures are the New Demographics

 New Horizon Media study highlights five categories and 12 emerging subcultures that brands should tap into in order to meaningfully reach Gen Z consumers.

How do Gen Z and Gen Alpha Learn?

The latest research report released by Cassandra, Big Village's insights and strategy group that studies trendsetting young consumers, unveils key findings as it concerns the future of education, particularly how the Gen Z and Gen Alpha learning experiences continue to seismically shift.

The Most Popular Fashion and Footwear Brands for Gen Z!

New L.E.K. Consulting Survey shows us the most popular apparel and footwear brands for Gen Z men and women.

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