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Shopping Centers should Start Livestreaming Now!

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Shopping Centers are starting to Livestream in order to keep sales going in their stores during the pandemic. Here are the reasons why all shopping centers should jump into this new trend as soon as possible.

It is almost the end of 2021 and what we have learned so far is that we are definitely not going back to “normal”. The pandemic is not over, winter flu season is coming, stricter Covid Pass restrictions are being introduced worldwide and digital retail is just growing at high speed.

In the past year, we have seen shopping centers fight for their position in the new retail age by introducing innovative entertainment activities, bringing out loyalty discount cards, hosting special events, and much more, but the question is will this be enough for the upcoming winter period?

The answer is…no!

The Solution

PopShop Livestreaming App

The age of digital retail is here and we can all agree that the role of physical retail is still relevant because we still like the experience. But the physical retail experience is different and restricted now. We don’t have to go to stores to look for items, instead, we go to try out the products we already found online. And now with growing pandemic fears and restrictions, this way of shopping will no longer be just a matter of choice.

So what is the solution? Bring the shopping center to the online consumers via Livestreaming!

Mall of America uses PopShop Live App

Mall of America in Minnesota, USA, has done exactly that. In 2020, they partnered with a shopping app Popshop Live which users can download for free and get notified every time the mall goes live. This experience brings online viewers inside a store as a host showcases and sells products. It is a live digital shopping experience inside the shopping center.

Through the app, viewers can immediately order the items presented and they can either have their purchases sent to their house or pick them up at the mall. The users of the app can also contact the shopping center to suggest which shop should go live next.

“It can be something for everyone. One day we might be able to sell toys to a certain customer, then we might be able to do apparel for women. It might be beauty products, the options are endless,” described Jill Renslow, Senior VP of Business Development & Marketing at Mall of America.

This is a great way to keep the sales going in shopping centers in case new lockdowns are introduced or covid pass restrictions get stricter this winter. A pickup point can be set up outside the mall or at the entrance to ensure restriction measures are not broken.

“We really feel like this compliments brick and mortar really well, because not only can you continue to come and shop with us in person at MOA, but this is another way to engage with us in a really fun and dynamic way,” said Renslow.

With Livestreaming shopping centers will truly become an omnichannel retail player, transforming the retail market for the future.

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