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Rajićeva Shopping Center Empowering Women in Serbia

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Rajićeva Shopping Center in Belgrade, Serbia, successfully organized an event on International Women’s Day to celebrate the strength and empowerment of women.

The event titled “SNAŽNE ŽENE, SNAŽAN SVET” featured a panel discussion with six exceptional women who shared their experiences and insights on fighting for women’s rights and equality.

Empowering Slogan 

Photo by Mrdja Love Studio

The event was supported by the renowned fashion magazine ELLE and fashion brand LINDEX, and their campaign slogan for this year was OSNA(ŽENE). The slogan aimed to highlight the importance of all women who courageously stand up for their values, support each other, and follow their dreams regardless of societal and patriarchal norms.

The Panelist

Photo by Mrdja Love Studio

The panel was moderated by Aida Jokanović and panelists included Teodora Bogdanović, the editor-in-chief of ELLE magazine; Jelena Riznić, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Philosophy and activist for the informal collective “ŽENSKA SOLIDARNOST”; Olivera Stojanović, the founder and director of the ABSOLUT TIME brand; Ines Janković, a fashion designer and founder of the INES ATELIER brand; and Sanja Ćirković, a marketing manager at TRIPLE JUMP GROUP.

Photo by Mrdja Love Studio

During the discussion, Teodora Bogdanović stated that we have only just begun:  stepping into what is called solidarity, freedom, and women’s power,” while Jelena Riznić reminded everyone that feminism means “crossing boundaries every day.

The event provided an opportunity to reflect on how far we have come in the fight for women’s rights, while also acknowledging that there is still more work to be done to ensure complete gender equality. The panelists inspired the attendees to continue the fight for a better world for all women.

Rajićeva Shopping Center Uplifting the Community

Rajićeva Shopping Center in Belgrade

Nemanja Savčić, Shopping Center of Rajiceva Shopping Center states:

Rajićeva Shopping Center once again marked International Women’s Day in a special way this year, by organizing a panel discussion and inviting notable speakers to share their experiences The goal was to inspire and encourage society to support, empower and motivate all women to take the lead and achieve their desired goals. Being a strong woman means advocating for what we believe in while embracing our femininity.

Rajićeva Shopping Center’s successful organization of this event demonstrates their commitment to supporting gender equality and empowering women. The event provided an excellent platform to highlight the voices and experiences of inspiring women, and it was a celebration of the progress we have made so far.

To learn more about Rajiceva Shopping Center and its offerings, visit their website rajicevashoppingcenter.rs. You can discover the latest trends, promotions, and events happening at the center, as well as find useful information on how to get there and plan your visit.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the ultimate shopping destination in Belgrade at Rajićeva Shopping Center on Kneza Mihaila Street, 54.

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