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Prishtina Mall Opening in Autumn 2022

Autumn of 2022 will begin with the opening of Prishtina Mall, the largest destination mall in southeast Europe.

The mall will be the biggest shopping, leisure, and entertainment center in the Southeast Europe region, with a building area of 239,111 sqm and a leasable area of 114,000 sqm.

A New Era Shopping Center

Accredited by Edge for its eco-friendly structure and accessibility for everyone, Prishtina Mall interior offers an ecstatic change of ambient for its clients. It has been planned and designed by the world wide credited LaguardaLow Architects.

Its architectural value lies in the way the local beauty of the surrounding countryside is linked to the interior of the mall. The mall will feature high ceilings, glass-dome atriums breaking through all floors to let the sunlight in, and green gardens filled with beautiful plants. As the main focus of the mall is to create an enjoyable experience, 7,623 sqm will be dedicated to food and beverage units for rest and relaxation.

Mike Pugh, CEO of Prishtina Mall:

“The era of shopping malls and entertainment centers with low ceilings, narrow aisles, and very dark ambiances, is over.”

Prishtina Mall Interior

The Biggest Play Zone in Europe

The construction of Prishtina Mall is going all according to plan, and upon its completion, it will be housing the biggest play zone in Europe.  A whopping 6,700 sqm of space will be dedicated to excitement and fun, with all kinds of games and activities for children and adults.

It will have over 200 international brands, the leading cinema operator in Europe, over 5,000 parking spaces, and will employ 2,500 people.

Mike Pugh, CEO of Prishtina Mall:

“We are creating something that will be amazing, that will certainly be leading in the retail sector and will certainly put Kosovo on the map for shopping and entertainment. It will be the envy for lots of people and the happiness for a lot of people who will come and spend time with us.”

For more information check the 3D Animation of Prishtina Mall

Prishtina Mall
Prishtina Mall
Prishtina Mall is a new shopping center development in Kosovo, due to open in 2022. With a building area of 239,111 sqm and a leasable area of 114,000 sqm, it will be one of the largest shopping destinations in the SEE region.
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