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A New Food Court Area in Stadion Shopping Center

Stadion Shopping Center in Belgrade finalized its food court renovations, presenting a completely new and improved 400 sqm space.

The renovation of the food court area was a project planned for 2020 and was realized on time and within a planned budget, despite a very unpredictable and challenging year.

Increasing the seating capacity

Food court Stadion Shopping Center

The project needed to be done in order to satisfy the growing needs of the tenants and to provide a better experience to its visitors. The main goal was to increase the existing food court seating capacity from 170 seats to 310.

This seemingly difficult task got more complicated during 2020 when anti-epidemic measures required larger distances between seats.

Food Court Stadion Shopping Center

The task was successfully completed, increasing the seating capacity, improving visitor experience, and fulfilling all distance measures.

The modern design has made the space more warm, colorful, and social, giving the area a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Offering International Cousine

Food court Stadion Shopping Center

The food court area is positioned on the second floor of the mall, providing a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

The space houses a variety of popular restaurants offering international cuisine. Its current food court tenants are McDonald’s, KFC, Richard Gyros, Caribic Pizza, Food and Love, Asia Food, and MiniPani.

Besides the food court, Stadion shopping center also houses several cafes and slow food restaurants.

About Stadion Shopping Center

Stadion Shopping Center has been operating since 2013 and is located in Belgrade’s highly populated residential area Voždovac. The mall represents a 50 million EUR investment and was the first modern shopping center to be developed in the old part of Belgrade.

Spreading over approximately 75.000 sqm, the mall offers two underground garages with 984 parking spaces and a football stadium on its roof, which what makes this mall unique in the region.

The football stadium of Vozdovac, located on the 3rd floor of the mall, was built according to the current UEFA standards and is capable of holding 5,000 spectators

Stadion shopping center represents a place for excellent shopping, a place for connecting friends, a place for family entertainment…a place made for the community

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