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MySize: AI Measurement Reducing Ecommerce Returns by 65%

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MySize demonstrates how AI-driven measurement solutions are cutting returns and boosting ecommerce success.

The challenge of size-related returns has long plagued the ecommerce industry, impacting both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. However, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought forth revolutionary solutions.

MySize, Inc., a leading omnichannel e-commerce platform, has introduced Naiz Fit and MySizeID, two AI-driven measurement solutions that have slashed size-related returns by an impressive 65%, ushering in a new era of improved customer experience and business success.

Reducing Returns: The Game-Changing Milestone

In a significant stride towards eliminating size-related returns, MySize’s Naiz Fit and MySizeID solutions have achieved a remarkable 65% reduction. This means that shoppers who used these AI-powered sizing solutions experienced significantly fewer returns compared to those who did not. This milestone is a testament to the power of AI-driven measurement solutions in revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape.

Global Adoption and Usage

With over 5 million users worldwide, Naiz Fit and MySizeID have rapidly gained traction. These solutions have facilitated an astonishing 35.6 million size recommendations and enabled the purchase of 17.9 million items through 7 million orders. The offering has expanded to encompass over 100,000 items, making sizing accuracy a reality for a vast array of products.

MySize’s sizing solutions are available in 13 languages on ecommerce sites worldwide

The Carbon Footprint Impact

Beyond the financial implications, MySize’s CEO, Ronen Luzon, highlighted the environmental significance of these achievements. The reduction in returns has a direct correlation with a lower carbon footprint, showcasing the far-reaching positive consequences of AI-driven measurement solutions.

Empowering Top Brands

Leading global brands are embracing MySize’s innovative solutions to enhance their customers’ online shopping journey. Renowned names such as  Levi’s, Moschino, Superdry, Speedo, Canali, Dockers, U.S. Polo Association, Desigual, El Ganso, Alberta Ferreti, among others, have integrated MySizeID and Naiz Fit into their ecommerce strategies, providing shoppers with a superior and accurate shopping experience.

The Future of Shopping: FirstLook Smart Mirror

In addition to its online innovations, MySize has launched the FirstLook Smart Mirror—an advanced touch display enriching the in-store shopping experience. This smart mirror not only extends MySize’s reach into physical stores but also enhances contactless checkout, contributing to increased revenues and service fees.

Embrace AI Measurement Solutions 

The success of MySize’s AI-driven measurement solutions, Naiz Fit and MySizeID, heralds a new era in ecommerce. By significantly reducing size-related returns, empowering global brands, and highlighting the environmental impact, these solutions underscore the transformative potential of AI in the retail landscape.

As businesses and customers alike benefit from accurate sizing and improved experiences, AI-driven measurement solutions pave the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and successful ecommerce industry.

About MySize

MySize, Inc. is a trailblazer in the e-commerce realm, offering AI-driven measurement solutions like MySizeID and Naiz Fit to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency for businesses. The company’s expertise extends to e-commerce, supply chain, and technology, with the Orgad platform serving as a third-party seller on major sites like Amazon.com.

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