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Museum of Senses Pop Up Concept for Shopping Centers

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A mind-blowing pop-up exhibition that aims to engage shopping center visitors’ intellect and stimulate all their senses, is preparing a tour across southeast Europe within prominent shopping centers.

The Museum of Senses managers are now seeking to connect with shopping centers in the region that want to transform their unoccupied spaces or dedicated areas for entertainment into footfall magnets!

An online and offline attraction

Museum of Senses – Bed with 3.500 nails

The Museum of Senses was first established in 2017 in Prague’s city center. The concept was so successful that it attracted tens of thousands of domestic visitors and tourists from all around the world. Later another Museum of Senses was opened in Bucharest.

Over 100.000 social media posts from visitors proved that the exhibitions were a major success. They attracted many fashion industry magazines, influencers, and fashion-conscious visitors to take Instagram photos within the unusual exhibition spaces. Such spaces include the “upside-down room”, “mirror maze”, “vortex tunnel”, “Red Green Blue” lightroom, and much more.

Shopping centers are now all about the senses

Museum of Senses Front

The Museum of Senses is a perfect pop-up exhibition for shopping centers in 2021, reminding us that physical retail will never be completely replaced by e-commerce because it is all about the senses. We will still be going to physical retail stores to touch, smell, try products, as well as to have social engagement. Shopping centers are becoming places for experiences, and we all need to embrace this change right now!

The Museum of Senses is the modern approach for entertainment within shopping centers, that will encourage your visitors to discover numerous and intriguing facts about the human senses and unlock visitor’s imagination.

The fully interactive exhibition, made for all ages, will also benefit shopping centers as it will:

  1. Attract new visitors of all generations;
  2. Increase the frequency of visits and footfall numbers;
  3. Prolong visitation duration;
  4. Enhance the organic engagement of visitors on social media;
  5. Increase visitors satisfaction;
  6. Increase cooperation and interaction with tenants in branding and sponsorship opportunities.

The exhibition is also fully compliant with all Covid 19 safety measures and is designed for shopping centers that are ready to embrace the changing times, rather than to wait for “normal” to come back. This is the new normal, let’s move forward.

Invite Museum of Senses pop up to your mall

Museum of Senses Interior

Shopping Centers can rent out the exhibition for four weeks or more, depending on the agreement. You can mix and match 13 self-standing exhibition installations that could fit into all spaces.

If you would like for the Museum of Senses to come to your mall please write to

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