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Google Expanding its Shopping Features

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Imagine you are watching a video online of someone wearing a nice dress and you wonder where you can buy that dress. Well, wonder no more because that is the future of shopping thanks to Google.

Google will soon be launching a new button within its desktop and mobile app to make all images and videos you search for online “shoppable“.

It is a new feature, which will scan the images, as well as videos, and find the products recognized within them. So if you see a picture or video of someone with a t-shirt you like, Google will let you know where you can buy that t-shirt or ones just like it online or at physical stores.

It will display the search results of the recognized product in the same tab, without leaving the page you are on. It will allow you to filter the results by brand, ratings, reviews, styles, inventory status, and so on. The best part is that it will include an “in stock” filter, so if you want to find that product in a physical store it will let you know exactly which store near you has that product on its shelves.

According to Google, this feature will soon be introduced to IOS users and later on their desktop app.
In the last couple of years, Google has been adding shopping features to its app. They have made it free for merchants to list on Google and made it easy for sellers on Shopify and other digital platforms to start selling on Google, so their products and inventory are discoverable for shoppers.

This new experience is powered by Google’s Shopping Graph, a comprehensive, real-time dataset of products, inventory, and merchants with more than 24 billion listings.

People are shopping across Google more than a billion times a day, and we have been working to make those experiences even more helpful by expanding your options. We’re here to help you find new ideas, discover unique products or get the best value from the widest possible range of merchants — from large retailers, marketplaces, and well-known brands, to local stores and new direct-to-consumer companies.

Throughout the entire process — from the first spark of an idea to the final purchase — Google is helping to breathe new life into shopping experiences.
Google Press Release

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